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“We are creating a world where every heart is full of Divine Source Love, every body is harmonized in sacred balance, and every mind is full of the wisdom of the universe.”

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"Nada, I can't thank you enough for the Cosmic Alchemy session. My relationship is healthier, my money has increased & my connection to my angels is enhanced. I am  enjoying the flow of life. The trust has increased and I feel very stable and expanded. this should be experienced by everyone. This work is profound.

Lara, 28- New York

"I feel so light and elevated after my session with Christopher. I booked a quantum clearing and galactic activation.  My dreams are vivid, my manifestation ability has increased  and I feel so aligned to my higher self.  I highly recommend the work to everyone, these shifts are powerful"

Kyle, 31- London

"I could listen to you for hours. You are the masters of the quantum field. I have gained so much insight that have awoken my consciousness levels. The courses are packed with precious information & superb activations. I would sincerely recommend your work to anyone who is on a spiritual journey."

Rana, 40- Dubai

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