Welcoming you to THE NEW EARTH MASTERS COmm-unity
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Welcome Beloved soul

What a beautiful day it is, that YOU, a majestic divine being are here.

We welcome you with grace and honor you with love.

We, Nada and Christopher, have dedicated our path to bring forward light, love, wisdom and knowledge for the embodiment of divinity through Self mastery. As Life Mastery is Self Mastery.

Being architects of the New Earth, our desire is to activate you deeper into your Ascension Path through mentorships, sessions, universal ceremonies, workshops or retreats and invite you to join the New Earth Masters Comm-Unity.

Peace be upon you in one heart and one love.


"We are committed to hold you in the highest integrity, wisdom & love for your deeper healing, transformation & mastery.

You are valuable. You are loved.

Always & Forever;

Blessed Be"

 Nada & Christopher




A leader without followers on a pathless path of Ascension bringing the remembrance of our true cosmicselves of divine light, majestic love, graceful power and infinite existence. Nada’s awakening has occurred after many harsh life situations in which motivated her to start her healing journey a decade ago and since then she has welcomed all layers of self mastery, acquired several tools of healing from the path of the feminine, shamanism, galacticvations, mind empowerment etc. and has embodied her role as a galactic shaman being a way shower for women, life’s love, source abundance and the Christed heart.

A cosmic light way-shower, a community builder of equality of the New Earth dedicated to radiate
harmony, peace, bliss and mastery with his presence of love. Christopher had his awakening after his
mothers passing and several initiations as well as mind education and galactivations and he has stepped
into his role of bringing awareness, knowledge, wisdom and truth to his brothers and sisters around the
globe with the intention to elevate the collective consciousness to one of unity.


We are creating a world of mastery, the divine Source activated in every heart, the infinite wisdom of the universe embraced in every mind, the  balance of the sacred feminine & masculine harmonized  in every body expanding us to our fullest potential, infinite resources and graceful existence for the Ascension into the New Earth, as ONE.