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New Earth Masters offers powerful Online Healing Courses from Introductory Meditation to becoming the Quantum Divine Master alongside private healing sessions for you to change and upgrade all areas of your life.

Live Monthly memberships named "World Peace Activators" are also offered facilitating source activations, empowerment journeys and mastery evolution.


Your outer life is a reflection of your inner state.


The offerings are extremely potent and you can literally alter the reality of your relationships, financial situation, quality of life, spiritual evolution in all ways may it be your inner wounds, your healing skills, your awareness & consciousness level for you to truly activate your empowerment, abundance, love & mastery.



A leader without followers on a pathless path of Ascension bringing the remembrance of our true cosmicselves of divine light, majestic love, graceful power and infinite existence. Nada’s awakening has occurred after many harsh life situations in which motivated her to start her healing journey a decade ago and since then she has welcomed all layers of self mastery, acquired several tools of healing including womb wellness, clearing from darkness, angelic & galactic activations as well as subconscious mind empowerment. She has extremely powerful skills in changing realities by dismantling the old and constructing the new.


A cosmic light way-shower, a community builder & leading the path of the New Earth. He is dedicated to radiate harmony, peace, bliss and mastery with his presence of love. Christopher had his awakening after his
mothers passing and several universal initiations. He is in his mastery of activating soul blueprints of our infinite selves, quantum clearing of low dense energies & increasing the flow of abundance in all areas of life.  
He is a talented quantum surgeon with the ability to enhance, change & transform life situations activating love, peace, wealth, grace & divinity.  

Our Life Mission

We are creating a world of mastery, the divine Source activated in every heart, the infinite wisdom of the universe embraced in every mind, the balance of the sacred feminine & masculine harmonized  in every body, living multi dimensionally, expanding us to our fullest potential, infinite resources and graceful existence for the Ascension into the New Earth, as ONE. 


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What some people say

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"Nada, i cant thank you enough for the light alchemy session. My relationship is healthier, my money has increased & my connection to my angels is enhanced.   I am  enjoying the flow of life. the trust has increased and i feel very stable and expanded. this should be experienced by everyone. This work is profound.

"I feel so light and elevated after my session with Christopher. I booked a quantum clearing and galactic activation.  My dreams are vivid, my manifestation ability has increased  and i feel so aligned to my higher self.  i highly recommend the work to everyone, these shifts are powerful"

"I could listen to you for hours. you are the masters of the quantum field. i have gained so much insight thats have sharpened & awoken my consciousness levels.. The courses are packed with precious information, superb activations & you both have precious vibes. I would sincerely recommend your work to anyone who is on a spiritual journey."

Welcoming you to THE NEW EARTH MASTERS COmm-unity
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