YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS: Dive Into Your True Power and Embody Spiritual Mastery in a One-of-a-Kind Transformative Online Retreat

We guarantee that this retreat will absolutely change your life for the better.


Here is some of our story and how it can help you.


So, Without Further Ado…


The Remembrance

Embodying True Spiritual Mastery


Discover the Path to Your Mastery, that You’ve Actually Had All Along.


You heard that right, you can make your wildest dreams come true just by using the DNA you already have. Over the course of 3 days, you’ll learn how to unlock your inner powers, and start living how you truly want to.

You know, even the most experienced souls can feel totally confused when talking about Spiritual Mastery and DNA. 

And it makes sense.

We KNOW what a crazy roller coaster ride the path to spiritual enlightenment and freedom can be, let alone when you are figuring it all out by yourself! 
It can be absolutely unclear at times what you need to do to move forward, and even when it is…. You can never seem to get there
Beyond just trying to find yourself spiritually, you seek a life filled with joy and purpose, regardless of your daily tasks.
You want the energy of life and power to work with you.

If you are like most people we talk to, chances are you feel like……


  • You feel like you’re on autopilot, out of touch with yourself and your emotions, as if you could be doing so much more with your life but aren’t.

  •  You feel exhausted by the imbalance between masculine and feminine energies in yourself and in your life, and you want to harmonize this.
  •  You know there is so much untapped potential inside you that you can unlock by using your own spiritual mastery and activating your DNA.

  •  You are ready to let go of that nagging voice that keeps telling you that you’re never good enough: your ego

But here’s the thing:

The key to all this isn’t just about “finding yourself” spiritually; it's about understanding and embodying that spiritual mastery, the universe's alchemy, and the game of life.


The most enlightened 1% have a very different way of viewing existence compared to the average joe. Whereas most people view life from a surface level, to truly flourish, you must realize that attaining higher consciousness isn’t a struggle, but a profound state of being that you need to remember.


Diving deep into this mindset is how you best evolve on your spiritual path.


It’s a chance for you to connect to the universe's frequency, activate your light body, DNA, and merkaba from within, and access the expansive growth you really deserve.


Imagine if your favorite spiritual guide or life coach shared secrets or experiences that could transform your existence. How would your perception of life change?

“Deep Down, you know there's more to life. You just have to be willing to dissolve the ego, embrace both the masculine and feminine energies within, and let the cosmic codes guide you."


And the best place to do that? The Remembrance Retreat.

Your path to enlightenment happens when your mind and spirit are aligned to kryst consciousness and the universe’s alchemy.  It’s all about reconnecting with your true, powerful self and taking transformative action.


Right Now, the Remembrance is the only, proven opportunity to access your divine inner self, and become fully free



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“When you can offer yourself something you truly need, in a way that feels good to you- it’s more than a stepping stone of evolution. It’s mastery. It’s the very best kind of growth”

Here is our Story

We know that feeling of knowing you’re just one step away from the breakthrough you’ve always wanted…

But not knowing what that step was.

You see, we used to be (and still are) absolute personal development addicts.

So we went to every retreat, class, seminar, you name it, we could.

But after a while we started to stagnate.

It started to seem like the magic had dried up, and not much had really changed.

We spent years wondering why this happened until it hit:

We couldn’t learn that X factor, that element that would put us in the top 1%, because it was inside us all along.

And because we kept living how most people do, out of touch with their consciousness, we, (and probably you, too), were completely in the dark about our inner wisdom.

Then, after years of studying and embodying spiritual mastery, and upgrading our DNA codes to be stronger than ever, life feels like a fantasy movie, more wonderful than ever before.

It took us years to do all that because we had to do it by ourselves, and naturally there were dead ends along the way.

But it doesn’t have to be like that for you.

Because we’re compressing years of wisdom from all over the world into 3 short days.

We did that because we think that if everybody knew this, the world would be a much better place.

And you’re no exception.

We want you to stop living on autopilot, and discover the secrets of your very own DNA and consciousness to completely transform your life.

Read How Students Applied it!


This 2-day online retreat is designed for anybody who’s ready to take their personal and spiritual growth to the next level, just like you.

You’ll now be able to ….

  • Connect on a Deeper Level: Experience a deeper understanding of yourself and the universe through inner spiritual mastery practices.

  •  Navigate Life with Ease: Get practical tools and insights to tackle everyday challenges using life's virtues.

  •   Discover Your Inner Power: Engage in hands-on exercises and sessions that awaken your inner strengths and potentials.

  •   Understand the Bigger Picture: Dive into the fascinating world of universal patterns and codes, making sense of the world around and within you.


What's Inside the Remembrance?


The Remembrance isn't like any other retreat. It is a dream we turned into a unique experience that includes a 2-day experience with training, Q&A sessions, and all the resources you need to achieve spiritual mastery like you’ve never seen and master your own life. You'll also be part of a supportive community that empowers you to go further within yourself, allowing you to know you’ll be supported and stand confidently in your own magic.

Here’s a look at how the 2 action-filled days will look:

Day 1 - Feb 9

Embark on a transformative day where the vast mysteries of the universe unfold before you. Dive deep into introspection, dissolving the veils of ego that cloud true vision. By the day's end, you'll find yourself reborn, perfectly aligned with your heart's deepest passions and purpose. It's more than a journey; it's an awakening, leading you to live, act, and breathe from the very essence of your heart

By the evening, you'll feel rejuvenated, with a renewed sense of purpose and a heart free from the constraints of the ego.

Day 2 - Feb 10

Dive into a transformative experience that aligns you towards unified consciousness. In this profound journey, master the delicate dance between your feminine and masculine energies, harmoniously intertwining them to elevate your being. Embrace the day by living through the highest virtues, sculpting a path towards the most rewarding life you've ever imagined. It's not just a day; it's a gateway to unparalleled wholeness and fulfillment.

By the end, you'll feel a balanced energy, a blend of strength and grace, and a profound sense of self-awareness.

Over $2,910 worth of value with the Remembrance including…


3 Monthly Payments of



One/Time Payment of



Read How Students Applied it!

The Remembrance is designed to elevate your understanding of self and the universe, guiding you to access untapped potential within.


 This Retreat is meticulously curated for those who aim to...


 - Deepen their connection to cosmic consciousness and universal purpose.

- Embrace the teachings of the universe through its infinite knowledge.

- Break free from limiting beliefs and mental barriers that have held them back.

- Align with the universe's energies and harness the power within their own spirit.

- Experience a transformative journey like never before. Period.


Does that resonate with you?



We're excited to journey with you.