New Earth Masters

New Earth Master was birthed When Nada and Christopher​ merged their previous successful independent holistic businesses together in 2019. In Combination, they have over 17 years of experience in the Alternative wellness domain. New Earth Masters is committed to bring you the best of the best from knowledge, wisdom, tools, techniques, meditations, activations & practices for you to elevate your frequency, embody your mastery and thrive in every area of your life while fulfilling your life purpose. 

New Earth Masters currently offers Private Spiritual Coaching and various powerful healing sessions for you to upgrade in your life by upgrading your frequency. New Earth Masters also offers 12 super potent Spiritual Online Courses from healing the inner child, activating the sacred feminine, embracing the divine masculine, awakening the christ heart, activating the Starseed DNA to Shamanic wisdom and Quantum healing trainings of light and eliminating darkness. 

The offerings are designed carefully for you to take you a journey with yourself to heal, integrate, elevate and expand. 

We honor your presence on the planet during this special time.

Infinite Blessings from our hearts to yours.