Oraphim Consciousness 

FREE 60 minutes Masterclass


Reclaim your Divine Nature, remember the essence of what Oraphim Consciousness is and Step into the Light of Unity Consciousness.

 Step into the Light of Unity Consciousness. Learn about humanity's roots and accelerate your spiritual journey towards more wisdom, love, and a deepened embodiment with your higher self. 

Thursday March 14th @11am EST


Renewal & Rebirth - Spring Equinox

FREE 60 minutes Meditation


Align to your highest frequency and highest timeline to create a life of harmony, love, abundance while making this world a better place by participating in a collective healing. 

Rise to Fresh Starts and infuse your existence, your creations, and your journey with harmony, love, prosperity, and tranquility.  Feel renewed and set on your path with empowerment, confidence, and happiness.

Thursday March 21st  @11am EST


Dark Energy Forces Decoded

FREE 60 minutes Masterclass


Understand the effects of The Matrix, Dark Forces and How you can Clear them from your Soul Contracts to Live in your Sovereignty.

Harmonize your energies with your Inner Light feel rejuvenated and firmly established on your journey, with empowerment, confidence, love, joy, and security.


Thursday March 28th  @11am EST


The God Frequency   

FREE 60 minutes Free Training

Become Source by releasing the death based ego and dissolving living in separation. Embody the True state of Living that you are God creating a masterpiece. Thrive in God Consciousness.

 Embrace your Perfection by activating your God Spark and shifting from duality living to oneness. Become who you really are: A Creator dreaming; transform your reality into a thriving masterpiece by becoming Source. 

Thursday April 11th @11am EST


Source Spark Activation

FREE 60 minutes Meditation

Switch on your Source Code and remember your divine, unique power. Live in a state of oneness and unconditional love by embodying Godly consciousness.

Become Love:  Live, See, Hear, Breathe and Experience Life through the only true lens, which is that of unconditional love. Release all fear and separation based programming and become your Divine Self. 


Thursday April 18th  @11am EST


Ascension Elevation

FREE 60 minutes Masterclass

Understand The Ascension: What is it, Why it’s important, How it affects you and what is the best pathway to move forward. 

Awaken your Divine Blueprint and Learn about the Cosmic Mathematics within your Light Body to rise into your grand knowingness of your multidimensional Soul essence and become oneness.


Thursday April 25th  @11am EST