FINALLY! A step - by step proven pathway for mastering the path of Ascension in a way that Actually transforms you into a Creator Alchemist

Ascension Mastery has completely changed our spiritual evolution and life. 

Here is some of our story and how Ascenion Master can help you


Introducing the…

Ascension Master

A step by step formula for spiritual healers, seekers and therapists just like you to Master the path of Ascension that actually activates your Celestial Blueprint 

Even the most experienced healers and spiritual seekers can feel confused and overwhelmed when embracing the path of Ascension. 

And it makes sense.

We KNOW what a crazy roller coaster ride the spiritual healing path can be, let alone when you are figuring it all out by yourself! 

Even if you know your tools are good, and your skills and services can really help people…. You still don’t have the full picture

And beyond trying to Ascend the old fashion way ... .you also want to enjoy your life. You want it to be a positive experience, regardless of whether you are healing or not. 

We’ve sat with many healers speaking of Ascension, where we felt that the tools were outdated and the universe’s mathematical mysteries remained unexplored.


They had no knowledge of the universal codes, and it was super frustrating.


We’ve also seen healers that were unembodied and scattered, which took away from the true knowledge of the divine wisdom within their Spiritual Architecture which they could have shared with their clients & students.

But you? You’re not like that.
You’re different. You’re here to touch hearts and transform lives.  You’re here to do it right.

If you are like most spiritual healers & seekers we talk to, chances are you feel like……


  • You are committed to your spiritual path but know there is a NEXT LEVEL ?

  • You crave energetic progress yet you remain trapped in repetitive sabotaging behaviors? 


  • You're exhausted from playing small energetically and are seeking sacred Ascension teachings?


  • You're ready to transcend limitations and embrace the Mystic  journey to mastery?

But here’s the thing:

Today’s most embodied healers and seekers know that the Ascension is an Inscension. 


That’s why they are able to create their reality with codes and align their Spiritual Architecture to the mathematics of the Ascension Codes,  without internal resistance or struggle. 


When it’s done right, Universal Coding is actually how you transcend on the spiritual path best. 


It’s a chance for you to connect to the Universal truth, and access your Celestial Blueprint and REALLY grow. Where you can actually transmit  your highest frequency and experience the benefits.


Imagine if your favorite healer, coach or therapist who had  such a fundamental impact on your life never told you about the Ascension or experiences that could quite literally change your life. How would your life be different today?

“Deep Down, you know that you were meant for more. You just have to be willing to activate your Divine Architecture to experience it. To Let the world experience YOU.”


And one of the best places to do that?
Is within your own Source Codes.

Your Own Source Codes are switched on when your light body grid is aligned to the planetary stargates and universal stargates. It’s all about re-aligning mathematics and taking action. 


Right Now, the true Ascension Mastery Path is the best opportunity to access your Divine Blueprint, Rise in your Source Self and become fully you.


You don’t have to wait till the current situation changes for you to Accelerate your Ascension Path.

Read How Students Applied it!


Here is our Story

It was 7 years ago, we had just finished a Spiritual course
We were so excited about implementing the practices given and to use the knowledge we had learned from the course.
We got up early every morning to practice and train as we were so dedicated to becoming our best selves.
After many months of constant healing and old looping patterns surfacing we felt like we're getting nowhere with our Spiritual Growth.
And although we were very grateful for the lessons we were pretty disappointed (to say the least.)
We will never forget that moment we were sitting on the couch just coming out of a meditation practice we had been using for months on end and looked at one another puzzled and confused. Nothing was changing.


That’s when we had a massive aha moment and decided there had to be a better way to accelerate our Ascend and Return to our God Selves. 
Then we decided to ask the Source within and no longer look outside of ourselves for answers…..
….Which then led to us discovering the truth of the Universal Mathematics, How to truly activate our light bodies (merkaba fields), and work with the God code within to transform ourselves forever.
(Imagine what it would feel like to be running inside of the same spinning wheel for months on end getting nowhere to understanding the truth of the Cosmos and how life really works from an Creator level. who we are and deciding to become our own Ascension Master.)
Fast forward to the present day and we have not only exceeded our expectations of what we thought we were capable of on a Spiritual, Mental, and Emotional level, but are still evolving on a daily basis.
It still humbles us to have some of the biggest Spiritual Leaders reach out to us and ask us for helping them connect with their God Code and guiding them into activating their Kathara grids, teaching them about codes, and going deeper into their own self mastery.
We know the power of becoming one with our Higher self and living life from a truly unified & empowered space and we have made it our passion, our obsession to help you master it also.
Can you see, it's not just any Spiritual Course that will deliver the wisdom, knowledge, and tools you need to truly unlock and embody your Divinity.
We are talking about the kind of course that is built on time tested results and outcomes. The type of spiritual that helps people heal on a cellular level and transcend on a multi dimensional level. 
When you can infuse the Quantum world of Universal Codes with the Shamanic Reality of platonic solids and elements - your light body, your awareness, your consciousness can change overnight. We are living proof of that. 
We call our Unique method of way showing “Celestial BluePrint” and it's a process we have been testing, refining and proving for over a decade. We have worked with hundreds and hundreds of clients get clear with their energy, dissolve the false grids, activate the proper universal mathematics and reignite the source code within them. 
And now - you get to use it. We’ll give you a step-by step formula to help you rise into your Ascension Mastery

Just like us…. You are just ONE ACTIVATON away from the breakthrough you want. 

When you receive your initiations and activations, you will literally transform into your fullest sovereign empowered God Self.

It will be the pathway that gives you what you always wanted. 

Read How Students Applied it!


This Online Course is designed for spiritual healers, seekers, starseeds and lightworkers just like you.

You’ll now be able to ….

  • Embody your True Divine Celestial Blueprint, so you can align with your highest frequency and live authentically. 

  • Transition from neverending loops to a liberated, sovereign soul.

  • Master your Ascension path and become a Creator Alchemist.

  • Realign your internal geometry to the universal mathematics of light. 

What's Inside Ascension Master?


Ascension Mastery isn’t  a passive program. It’s an online course, coaching & community experience that includes video training, Q&A sessions and all of the resources you need to embody your Celestial Blueprint, Realign your mathematical architecture and live as the embodied source feeling liberated, joyful, wise and empowered. 

Here’s a look at what you will get when you join:

The Ascension Blueprint


We’ve broken the Ascension Master course into easy to follow, short video tutorials that cover five crucial phases. Each phase is designed to help you master a different element of Ascension Mastery. - from Embodying the Inscension, the Unification of Source, Working with Universal Codes and Reharmonizing your internal structure to that of the Universal truth. 

1. The Ascension is an Inscension


Master your journey as a Lightworker, unlocking your potential through biological enhancement and Kundalini molecules. Activate your Light Body, Merkaba, and Stellar Gateway, all while nourishing your ascension with vital nutrition.

2. Divine Self Unification


Embark on a mystical journey of self-discovery as you weave together the tapestry of your mind and emotions, creating a harmonious balance steeped in trust. Forge a profound connection with your higher self, unraveling the hidden mysteries of the cosmos and the unity that transcends the multiverse. This is your ethereal path to enlightenment and transcendence.

3. Quantum Shamanic Embodiment


Transcend limitations as you break free from the false frequency fences of the matrix. Connect with the Earth's Source Grid, recharge from its crystalline reservoir while initiating with the elements. Align your Karthara grids to unlock cosmic gateways to embrace cosmic alignment.

4. Universal Mathematics


Unlock the secrets of empowerment through universal mathematics. Embrace the protective 12D Maharic shield and the organic Angelic Law of One. Realign your Lightbody coding to the Universal Stargates. Harness the power of universal sounds, Platonic solids, light codes, and healing codes for your transformational journey.

5. Source Code


Awaken Your Divine Potential. Explore your Source Self, activate your sacred heart’s God Code, and harness universal codes for instant manifestations and healings. Elevate through the Original 48 -strand DNA Activation into the realms of godhood by activating the God seed Atom and Rischic Body.

Here are some other bonuses inside…..

Earth Angel Meditation Series 

Embark on the transformative "Earth Angel" meditation journey, where you'll integrate your Higher Self, activate Golden Angel Wings, and experience Diamond & Golden Body Activation. Engage in Heart Chamber Activations, Angel Halo & Heart Beam Activation, disconnect from the False Gaia Grid, and reconnect to the Original Source Grid in this profound Angelic Activation experience.

Pineal Gland Activation 


Prepare for a supercharged Third Eye Activation that will ignite your psychic powers and expand your interdimensional awareness. This experience is a heart-opening journey into the depths of your intuition and inner wisdom, unveiling your hidden potential.


Read How Students Applied it!

We have been talking about transition moments, so here is ours. 

Based on all the examples you’ve seen, you now know this process works and can work for you. So, below is the pricing table to help you choose which option you want. 


The Ascension Master Investment Overview



6 monthly payments of $357



6 monthly payments of $697



One payment of $1997


Ascension Master will teach you all the tools you require to elevate your consciousness to the next level and access your God Code. 


This Online Program was intentionally crafted for lightworkers, starseeds, healers, spiritual seeks who want to...

  • Accelerate their Spiritual Path of Ascension Mastery

  • Learn the tools of utilizing universal mathematics, grids and codes to transform their lives and the lives of their clients

  • Become sovereign from the frequency fences and realign to the source grid and Crystalline reservoir with an advanced merkaba structure

  • Switch on their Divine Celestial Blueprint to live life fully, sovereign and empowered

  • Become Source Embodied. Full Stop. 

Sound Like you?



We’re really excited to welcome you
inside the Academy. 



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