Your Masculine Rising Call 

Is Confirmed!


STEP ONE: Please be sure to watch the short video below so I can explain some next steps...

 Step 2: Please Read The Following Points...


1.) This is a ZOOM call. Your custom Zoom link will be on your calendar invite from [email protected] & also on the reminders. Please make sure you have Zoom & a webcam ready to go.

2.) Show up on time. I know this sounds kind of obvious, but we're going to be respectful of your time & we expect you to do the same in return. If you no-show without any notice, we won't re-book. If you need to re-book, make sure you do so at least 24 hours in advance.

3.) Please be in a quiet place. Ideally somewhere quiet. We won't take calls with anybody who's driving or on-the-go. Upgrading  your lifestyle is important- please treat it as such.

4.) Be ready to take action. If anyone else is involved in the decision, make sure they're on the call. if we're able to help, we want to make sure all parties hear the information directly from us.

5.)  Send me a message on Facebook. Make sure you let us know you've booked the call so that we can confirm it on our end. Due to high demand, we confirm all bookings before putting them on our calendar.

Step 3: Watch This Powerful MasterClass