Business Energy

How you will benefit?
- More harmony
- More Opportunities
- Soul Mate Clients Attraction
- More energy & stamina
- Improved Energy & Business Charisma
- More Creativity and Dedication
- Improved Financial Abundance Flow
- Faster Manifestations
Life Balance 

Session Fee is $777

Your Business has its own blueprint in the cosmic fabric and ensuring a high vibrational flow of energy will optimize the business module and its outcome. Businesses can be linked to collective consciousness of limitation, held back by jealousy or envy of others, infiltrated by low dense energies, stagnation and in some cases even curses. 
Setting up your business energy blueprint alongside all the communication material like social media into a high vibrational space of being seen, desired, respected and having your products appreciated calling in paying soul mate clients is key to having a thriving  momentum. 
What happens in a Session ?  Energetic Clearing of  low dense energies connected to the business, stakeholders, office space and all communication material  as well as infusion of Energetic Upgrade with intended energy signatures and and Energetic Boost of the desired attraction and creation of the business in addition to an  Energetic Shield of Protection. 
We also ground your energy into the Ley lines of Gaia so you can call in and manifest with ease your creations. Your Business will have an energetic advertising boost of a clientele growth cycle and  income flow.
How to book a session?
1. Click on the button, fill out the form & Purchase the session (1 hour)
2. Sessions are held remotely on the booked time & a report will be emailed to you afterwards 
3. we may also send you additional support to boost your transformation
Note that you can book the session timing while you are sleeping in your timezone as the session is held remotely 
Email us at for any clarification or watsapp on +971-55-6164465

Ready to upgrade your business energy ?