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Beginners to Advanced

Christ Consciousness

The Divine is Within

You are the one you have been waiting for! The heart of Christ is within you!


Welcome home to your Christ Heart. Welcome to your Divinity.

Re- Member your true self. Re- Awaken your infinite potential. The time is NOW!


Christ Consciousness is a state of illuminated consciousness that embraces the ultimate union of all duality in human form. It arises from the transformation of one’s identity from that of an individuated self to the embodiment of Universal Love (Divine Feminine) and Light (Divine Masculine). It reflects the true nature of Divinity as the transcendent state beyond the union of both polarities.
This transformation also involves a massive shift in one’s physical body, bringing about a lived experience of one’s light body.

Coming back home to the Christ Heart enables a Heart Centered Living of your true nature without false identification of anything that is limited  as well as activates your direct inner knowing and becoming one with life which enables you to become the walking God. 

In this Certified Online Spiritual course we will release, clear and dissolve all matters that are linked to false limited emotions, thoughts, living, experiences. All your Shadow Aspects that are keeping you small & stuck in any way. 


You will learn the tools used to drop the ego mind, and awaken the Christ heart. FULLY. 


You will activate your light body, your remembrance, your gifts, your Source codes. 

You will Activate YOU in your YOUniverse.

The INsencion is the new Ascension. All is from within. All is from the Christed Heart.

By completing this course, you will have elevated and integrated to your true self and if you are a practicing healer, you may use this techniques to elevate your client's experience with you. 

Here's what you will learn and achieve

- Soul Origin Remembrance

- Clearing Separation Codes

Restoring Faith in Emotional Body

Releasing Religious Dogma in DNA & Lineage

Retrieving Christ Aspects from parallel timelines

Clearing Limited Incarnation contracts

Integrating Shadow Aspects* (see below)

Releasing false personality template

Activating Sacred Golden DNA

Medulla Oblongata & Soma Point Activation

Integrating Light aspects *(see below)

Dissolving false Christ templates (crown of thorns & others)

Invoking & working with Sophia Christos

Universal Holographic Matrix & Manifesting 

Activating your Christ Template

Christ Heart Activation Meditation

Activating Source Codes


* The Negative Shadow Aspects are: Blamer, protector, prosecutor, the sabotage, distorter, manipulator, the silent, the greedy, the vindictive, the superior, the inferior, the selfish, the victim, the disempowered, the savior, the perfectionist, the criticizer, the helpless, the angry, the unheard, the irresponsible, the afraid one)

* The Positive Light Aspects are:   Supporter, encourager, safe one, abundant one, Prosperous, wealthy, passionate, creative, joyful, powerful, valuable, the truth speaker, worthy, decisive, loving, forgiving,  compassionate, expressive, honest, authentic, loyal, dedicated,  psychic, the alchemist, service oriented, connected to God, multi dimensional, ascendant master, master

christ consciousness consists of

  • Course Manual

  • 17 Pre Recorded videos

  • 12 powerful activation meditations

  • Access to the Private FB study group

  • Lifetime Access

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Surprise Gift 

  • Immediate Access- Online - No attendance required- watch at your own pace

This Certified Online Course costs $ 353

Client Experiences

"This course is truly transformational. the energy work is soft, gentle and creates a-lot of room for new energies & support. I felt a massive shift right after and experienced many realizations that out everything in perspective. I feel so much lighter & loving. I am LOVING MY LIFE. Highly recommend this for all! Thank you" 

Emily, 38- Greece

"My course with Nada & Christopher was the best choice I did for myself. It was like coming back to the real school of remembering who I am, coming back to the real me to who I really am. Cant wait to join more courses with these two light carriers in this world"

Elma, 27- Sweden

"Its not really enough no matter what my words say to say THANK YOU. I never felt this supported & accepted my whole life. You really helped me get the sparkle & faith back & live in a bigger picture. SO THANK YOU for helping me create a higher vibrational path for myself."

Mohamad, 43- Egypt

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