Welcome Divine Beings of Light.

I am honored to be receiving you with grace.

My awakening was galactic, I didnt  have a severe traumatic childhood like most healers, even though is wasnt pleasant as the virtues I carry are of a very high frequency of love embodiment and Christ Being. 

I understood the Matrix at a young age, the galactic war and council of light federation. I knew my mission was to awaken, activate and empower star seeds into their remembrance, mastery and whole light embodiment. 


When my mother passed away, the pain in my heart set me free from human shackles and obligation and I have been dedicated to my path and mission ever since.

The Courses and Sessions I offer you are very powerful, they will activate your DNA at a very deep level for you to live as the multi dimensional master that you came here to experience. They are packed with tools and wisdom for your soul to ignite. 

You came here to Earth to be grand, and that is exactly what will happen with you. Theres no time for playing small whatsoever, you deserve grandness! 

I work closely with the Dragon collective , Artcurian Councils and Brother hood of light with Master Jesus and Mahavatar Babaji as well as serval diverse beings of light in the Quantum field. 

Welcome too your Soul evolution beloved family, if you have any questions and require further clarification on any course or session, please feel free to reach out on

I Love you and am honored to be part of your journey. You are amazing

Your Soul Brother