Love Union

The Divine Partner

You my dear beloved soul, have powers beyond measure.

You can see energy, you can read energy, you can change energy.

Energy is the foundation of life, if the energy is aligned then your life is in harmony.


When you re-member you Psychic Powers, you activate your mastery.


Imagine being able to read your future, and if there's something you are not In alignment with, you can simply change your energy today to have a different outcome.

Imagine you are able to tap into the energy of a business deal before you sign the papers, it will save you millions and open up millions at the same time.

Imagine you can read the energy of a room you walk into, people you have conversations with and most importantly your own energy fields. 

Imagine you can feel and experience life energetically, that is where the bliss activates because God is energy and God is life.

Imagine by changing the energy in a persons body, you can assist them in their healing journey- emotionally, mentally, physically.

To have all those, your psychic centers are to be open and activated.


Having your Psychic Powers on is as similar as giving a blind man the ability to see again. Its in desirable. Its miraculous and

you would never want to live in any other way after that. 

This Online Course will do Just that, with its super potent meditations, tools , and healings.

You will trust your powers and unleash your potential.

The Journey is guided and created with ascendant masters and galactic beings of light.



What will you Experience ?

  • What are Psychic Powers

  • What blocks Psychic Powers

  • Working with the body

  • Releasing Blocks from past lives

  • Activating various Psychic Powers (seeing, hearing, knowing, feeling)

  • Generate more Psychic Skills

  • Methods to use Psychic Skills

  • Techniques to enhance Psychic Skills 

  • Activating truth beyond the veils

  • Future Readings

  • Energy Readings

  • Akashik Record Readings

  • Communicating with Spirit Guides

  • Interpreting what you see, feel & hear.

  • Using Energy to Change Reality

  • Alchemizing energies in spaces

Ready to  activate your psychic powers?

At Purchase ,you will receive Pre -recorded Course of all the content above,

a presentation with all the material as well 

access to a private facebook study group for live interactions.

You can grow & evolve at your own pace with a certification at completion.

You will have lifetime access.

Psychic Power costs  $123 and is open for  Preorder at $ 88.

The Online Course will be live available for you on September 22. 

Welcoming you to THE NEW EARTH MASTERS COmm-unity
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