Cosmic Alchemy

Quantum Healing Training

Beginners to Advanced

What will you learn & Benefit ?

  • Quantum World & Earth Incarnation

  • Crystals, Oils, Ancestors Healing 

  • Sound & Sacred Geometry Healing

  • Angelic Healing & Meeting Guides

  • Brain Waves

  • Sub- conscious Mind re-programming of limited beliefs

  • Subtle Bodies (Emotional, Mental, Astral, Spiritual)

  • Light body Activation

  • Energy Scanning

  • Higher Heart Activation

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Parallel life healing (past lives)

  • Karmic Contracts &  Agreements

  • Universal Healing Energies

  • Energy Scanning & Future Reading

  • Dimensional Light Work

  • Holographic Universe

  • Timelines in Quantum field

  • Infinity wave

  • Energy Clearing 

  • Timelines (past, present, future – inner child, galactic self)

  • Pineal master cell codes

  • Nervous System & Merkaba Activation

  • Cosmic Spine Activation

  • Healing of Life Patterns, Relationships, Abundance, Personal growth

  • Tips & tools for becoming a healing facilitator

An Online Quantum Healing Training Course like no other , become a Powerful healer today.

An Alchemist is one that is able to transmute everything into the highest vibration of love.

During our incarnation on earth we receive and activate in our DNA many limited beliefs about life, relationships, money and existence in general which are stored in our subconscious minds as well as our subtle bodies. These limitations can cause a person to go through struggle or experience repeated limiting patterns in their life staying stuck in a loop as opposed to expanding, thriving and have an over all well rounded experience of love in every area of life.

Also as life is lateral and not linear as per our mind perceives it, all timelines of our existence can affect the current timeline either positively or negatively, by learning how to access the subconscious mind you will also learn how to travel through timeline portals to clear limitations in our dimensions (often referred to as past lives) as well as activate your DNA from positive experiences that are also in other timelines. 


Energy is the blueprint of all existence, here, you will remember, relearn and master the quantum field as well as your ability to alchemize the situations, emotional states, mental patterns, life loops and transmute them into highest desired outcomes.


Being a Cosmic Alchemist, your energetic field will be activated so you will also be able to tune into the Quantum field and use energies to heal, shift and transform situations that are in the holographic universe of yourself and facilitate on others. Knowing and working with the Quantum field enhances the psychic abilities and the energetic mastery and in return; life.

The Healing Journey is bringing all that is out of alignment to your highest  potential to that of limitlessness, bridging all emotions of low frequencies to those that are that of compassionate love and releasing all stagnation in any area of life and activating the flow of positive momentum and abundant nature.

Life Mastery is Self Mastery. Self Mastery is Life Mastery.

Activate yourself fully into your highest optimum self, learn quantum healing tools that will take you beyond your imagination of empowerment, inner strength, love, abundance and flow.


​By completing this course, you will have an abundant tool kit to self healing and self elevating timelines as well as the ability to use them on others (clients) to heal, transform, expand and align, you will also have an expansive knowledge on the macro existence, and a deep activation on your inner alchemist self.

If you are a practicing healer, this course will enrich your knowledge; you will attain very powerful and very fast healing results with this training.

The Journey is guided and created with ascendant masters and galactic beings of light.


cosmic alchemy consists of

  • Course Manual

  • Energy Healing Certified Course

  • 24 Pre Recorded videos

  • 18 powerful meditations

  • Access to the Private FB study group

  • Lifetime Access

  • Completion Certificate

  • Gift Coupon

  • Immediate Access- Online - No attendance required

The Fee for this Course is $ 421


Ready to become a cosmic alchemist?


"Cosmic Alchemy was mind blowing for me and opened me up to a completely different world of power. i am so excited i have this information and i am so grateful to know all these tools of the quantum realm. i feel like i CAN DO ANYTHING. Thank you so much"

Sidra, 23- Dubai

"I managed to heal past traumas & meet some amazing people after this course. This course is full-filling with many transformational activities. I thoroughly enjoyed my revelations, meditations. Thank you for being part of my spiritual journey & helping me heal & become the best version of myself."

Shelly, 36- India

"Cosmic Alchemy was an intense course, a profound healing modality. i am amazed of how you bring it all together & connect all the divine concepts with each other. all the answers are within and i am in a much different state i was in before the course. i now have a very easy going life. Thank you" 

Mark, 46- London