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Dark energy Clearing

Another word for Dark Energy Clearings is Soul Liberation!
Your Quantum field connected to your lineage whether human or galactic including past and parallel lives determines your vibration and frequency and in return the level of freedom, love, harmony, abundance and joy that you experience.

People with Dark Energy will experience alot of chaos, pain and suffering in their life whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Dark Energy Clearings are worked on alongside the Andromedan Council and Arcturian Technology to release a person on a multi dimensional and multi timeline from the Luciferian Matrix and all that it entails elevating you into a high vibrational energy field of Infinite Source Light, Love and Absolute Bliss.
We look at most of the energies mentioned in Quantum Healing session including demonic energies, Luciferian contracts, Reptilian contracts, Draconian Entanglements, Grey Alien mind control and alteration, Satanic Ritual Abuse, Dark Black Magic and other similar energies that might be connected to your situation. 
Your inner child, parallel life and ancestral will be healed and restored and you will be liberated on a soul level feeling so much love, bliss, abundance and joy for life having more capacity for your life purpose, love life, Family and Community.

You will feel present and in charge of your reality and world like never before and a sense of belonging with God on a. deeper scale and communion.  


You will also receive a solid Auric Shield infused with Source codes & restoration of your soul signature, integrating your divine essence as well as possible supporting practices to further enhance your energy levels higher.


What we can help you with?

-Clearing from Satanic Ritual Abuse - Let's begin with a consultation, so book your free call here 

-Clearing from Dark Demonic and Luciferian Energy

-Clearing Negative Alien Interference or Soul Hijack

-Clearing Parallel lives or Ancestral Lineage contracts of darkness

-Multi Dimensional Healing of Dark entanglements

-Restore Source Blueprint

-Create an Energetic shield of protection 

A Session is for 90 minutes and costs $888

How to book a session?

1. Click on the button, choose a date and time then fill out the question form with details to clearly understand your situation and objectives and then click purchase

2. Once you complete your booking, you will receive an email on how to prepare for the session.

3. All Sessions are held remotely (no attendance) and a full report with aftercare will be sent to you by email afterwards

Email us at for any clarification or click here to chat with us on 

Note that you can book the session timing while you are sleeping in your timezone as the session is held remotely and there will be no attendance required. 

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