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Earth Angel

Soul Illumination

Beautiful Earth Angels.

Your frequency on the planet has created significant ripples of kindness and heart centered living. 

Earth Angels are usually empaths that take on the energies of the space they are in due to their natural nature of love and harmony.

Mastering being an Earth Angel is essential to life as there are two sides to the same coin, an Earth Angel is one of the most powerful beings incarnated at this time. knowing how to descend, ascend and shield the frequencies you carry will assist you in walking your path without energetic interruptions.

There are many energies creating distortions on the planet alongside false grids for spiritual angels to get confused, lost and have the inability to access their full power to make the change they incarnated to make. Their bodies remain dense and their hearts not fully active. Disconnecting from the false grids and reconnecting to the original christ grids in Gaia and the universe activates the full potential of an Earth Angel.

By activating the heart chambers & dissolving the separation codes, we can activate the Golden Body & Angelic wings which initiates the full power within.

Having the ability to connect and work with the higher self, future self  and receive guidance from your Angelic team ensures the highest timeline experienced is possible without getting caught up in the 3D Matirx.

This Online Spiritual Course will release you from false experienced distortions & control by dissolving the chakras and activate your innate powers with your Halo and Heart Beams  to fully embody your true potential, un-apologetically while living in your highest state of Angelic frequencies creating more magical ripples of peace with every footstep.

 What will you experience ?

  • What is an Earth Angel

  • Working with your future self

  • Connecting to your Higher self 

  • Activate Golden Angel Wings

  • Collecting Soul Essence to one timeline

  • Chakra Energy Connections

  • Chakra Dissolving

  • Diamond body activation

  • Holy Mantras

  • Trusting Psychic abilities 

  • States of Self Forgiveness

  • States of Self Acceptance

  • Golden Body Activation

  • Dissolving Separation Codes

  • Power of Fulfillment

  • Healing the Empath template

  • Heart Chamber Activations

  • Halo Activation

  • Heart Beam Activations

  • Disconnect from the False Gaia Grid

  • Disconnect from the False Source Grid

  • Reconnect to the Original Christ Gaia Template

  • Reconnect to the Original Source Grid

  • Angelic Activation

  • Protection Shields

  • De-scension to 3D frequency

  • Full Activation Declaration

This course will give you the proper tools to walk on earth with ease, grace and humility being sovereign, self knowing and clear with your creations and existence. 

You will receive Pre -recorded Course of all the content above, a manual, recorded meditations, activations & declarations. 

You will also be invited to a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share experiences & connect with like minded souls.

At the completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Contact us for further information, support or requirements. 

The Investment in your growth is $222