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Energetic Activation

Your energy field is the mirror of your reality. What you see is what you get.

Your energy determines the frequency of what you experienced in life. When you accelerate your energies into high vibrational coding of Light then your life expands simultaneously and your path of spiritual communion accelerates and will have more clarity, vision, direction, love, grace, compassion and support on your path. 

When you receive an energetic activation, its a seed of a new vibration that will grow and ripple effect into all areas of your life.

We work closely with the Andromedan Council and many other high vibrational beings of light that love you and want your evolution to be witnessed.

A customized energetic upgrade will be given to you according to your soul path, life experience and readiness to receive.

We will be share with you personalized codes, harmonics and light language that is in alignment to your soul blue print and angelic frequency to accelerate your spiritual path, expand your awareness and activate your light body for a clearer channel with the Universe. 

What we can help you with ?

-Acceleration of Spiritual Path

-Upgrade in your life energetic frequency

-Expand your awareness and intuition

-Activate your multi dimensionality

-Switch on your Third eye and Psychic Powers

-Elevate you to a energy of love and harmony

A Session is for 60 minutes and costs $333

How to book a session?

1. Click on the button, choose a date and time then fill out the question form with details to clearly understand your situation and objectives and then click purchase

2. Once you complete your booking, you will receive an email on how to prepare for the session.

3. All Sessions are held remotely (no attendance) and a full report with aftercare will be sent to you by email afterwards

Email us at for any clarification or click here to chat with us on 

Note that you can book the session timing while you are sleeping in your timezone as the session is held remotely and there will be no attendance required. 

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