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Beginners to Advanced

Fire Alchemy

Elemental Shamanic Ceremony

All of Gaia's elements assist the purification, growth and evolution of life. Air, Water, Earth & Ether are all available at anytime while FIRE is the only one we have to TURN ON. 


Fire is a magical element of purification, transmutation and creation. 


Fire Ceremonies are used in new cycles to remove all stagnant energies of the ending cycle and open opportunities and blessings for the beginning cycle. These can be seen as life occurring events such as moving to a new home, country or changing businesses, career path or ending/ starting relationships as well as in the unseen energetic events of ending an energetic phase usually experienced as lack, chaos & turmoil, clearing energetic stagnation and activating energetic opportunities assisting in manifesting your desired living. 


The Fire Ceremonies are held in three phases with multiple topics intended at once. 

1. Clearing & Purifying 

2.Creating & Manifesting 

3.Blessing & Activating 

Using Fire accelerates the journey process creating abundance & flow for the individual.

Connecting with the Fire will give you Messages and directions for your life. 

It is an ancient Shamanic technique using various herbs, seeds, resins, oils & flowers. 

In this course, you will learn how to host your own Fire Alchemy Ceremonies for yourself & others.

Its a perfect course to compliment any healing modality or used on its own.



Here's what you will learn and achieve


- Working with the Power of Elements

- Knowing the Alchemy with Fire     

- Powerful shamanic Invocation Prayer

- Fire Alchemy Facilitation tools  

- Vibrations of Herbs, flowers, resin, wood & seeds 

- How to facilitate the Purification Phase     

- How to facilitate the Manifestation Phase                                  

- How to facilitate the Blessings Phase

- How to facilitate Fire Intuitive Readings

Practices  for Facilitating Fire Ceremonies

Working with Clients during Fire Ceremonies


Fire Alchemy consists of

  • Course Manual

  • 11 Pre Recorded videos

  • 1 Shamanic Invocation Prayer

  • Access to the Private FB study group

  • Lifetime Access

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Surprise Gift 

  • Immediate Access- Online - No attendance required- watch at your own pace

This Certified Online Course costs $ 250

Client Experiences

"I love working with Fire, it instantly creates openings for me to see clearer and have more opportunities in life. The elements of nature are powerful but fire has its own magic"

Nate, 34- Ireland

" I love how this course was so easy to learn and facilitate one of the most sacred rituals, fire ceremonies. the information was very specific and the teaching is vert clear. Thank you. I love hosting fire ceremonies for my clients"

Katia, 22- Germany

"Thank you Nada & Christopher for creating this course.Ii have always wanted to expand my shamanic practices, and here i have learnt one of the most powerful ones"

Louis, 17 - Toronto

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