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Free Global Events

New Earth Masters is dedicated to assist you in your growth, evolution, ascension & path of mastery.


In these Free Global Events we embark on deep healing & activating meditations for you to rise in frequency and expand in awareness in order to thrive in evert area of your life.

We also explore various important topics of mastery in the webinars so you can have elevated tools & techniques on how to heal more efficiently, anchor love, radiate your true soul essence and excel in life.


All Sessions are open for Questions and Answers for you to receive the maximum input and embrace your fullest potential.

By upgrading your frequency you are creating new opportunities for you beyond the collective consciousness sof humanity as a

sovreign alchemist of mastery, 

Below is the schedule, details & registration link.

Each Free Online event is approximately one hour and All Replays will be emailed afterwards.


Online Meditation Schedule

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Galactic Activation

March 19, 2021

Activating your etheric DNA will place you in your power, activate your third eye and open your life path

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Earth Day 

April 22, 2021

Celebration of Mother Earth we unite and send healing energies to the planet and all life that thrives on her. On Earth Day we give back ten times fold to the world


Source grid

May 10,  2021

Re-aligning and Re-connecting to the Original Source Grid activates your light body to a higher frequency & disconnects you from the false illusion of the matrix.

Online webinar Schedule


Quantum Healing Tools

March 24, 2021

Learn the tools & techniques to heal, align and have a higher vibration instantly

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Light Worker abilities

April 11, 2021

Learn the healing secrets that you can use daily to uplift your energies and live an extraordinary life


Life mastery 

May 24, 2021

Learn the conscious way of anchoring a new vibration so you can thrive in life as the pillar of light

Images of the 7 events; Artwork  by Daniel B. Holeman


"Yes Yes Yes, this course assisted me in aligning myself to an abundant energy.

I feel so empowered & my creator energy is very real. Thank you

George, 34 - Peru

"I loved the tips that you shared, they are so simple yet make a huge difference. My mindset is completely shifted and i feel so wealthy. Thank you"

Nancy, 26 - Bali

"WOW.i feel chraged up and ready for lifeMy dreams are ahead of me and im going to create them. My time to rise has come. Thank you again and again"

Kate, 24- USA

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