Home Clearing

How you will benefit?
- Safer & more harmony
- Happier relationships at home
- more creative & intuitive
- More energy & stamina
- Improved Health
- Inner peace 
- high quality home time (and sleep time)
Life Balance 

Session Fee is $555

Energy is the blueprint of our physical world. All homes, offices, buildings and land carry energy as well; either creating an uplifted environment of friendliness, love, harmony& abundance or creating a downward spiral of chaos, stagnation, lack and dullness.
This can be seen as a family always arguing in the home yet feeling balanced and aligned outside the home. This can be seen as a child that has night terrors.  The land that the home, building is built on carries energies from beginning of time including contracts, karma and even possible vortexes for entities or other low vibrational beings that can create density in the space as well as the tenants living there before you. 
People that visit the home also carry their own energies and can leave imprints, attachments, dense energy fields as well as shadows & entities that can create havoc, lack of motivation, arguments and even illnesses.
Clearing & Sheilding the home is essential for an optimum thriving scenario.
What happens in a Session ?  Energetic Clearing of entities, AI technology and any other low dense energy of The Land, Previous Tenants, Entire Structure (Roof, floors, walls, furniture, Space) as well as infusion of Energetic Upgrade with intended energy signatures and and Energetic Boost of the desired outcomes. (abundance, grace, harmony, joy etc) as well as an  Energetic Shield of Protection. 
How to book a session?
1. Click on the button, fill out the form & Purchase the session (1 hour)
2. Send us your photo with your eyes showing on iam@newearthmasters.com
3. Sessions are held remotely on the booked time & a report will be emailed to you afterwards 
4. we may also send you additional support to boost your transformation
Note that you can book the session timing while you are sleeping in your timezone as the session is held remotely 
Email us at iam@newearthmasters.com for any clarification or watsapp on +971-55-6164465

Ready to clear & upgrade your home energy?