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Beginners to Advanced

Light Warrior

Liberation from Darkness

This course is super packed with information, techniques and tools to liberate you from darkness & will add heightened awareness in your daily life and assist you further in healing facilitations with your clients if you are already a practicing healer.


In the Quantum field there are beings of light and beings of darkness. The Dark forces have been in control of the planet Earth of millions of years alongside the control of human souls in this lifetime and parallel ones as well.

In knowing how to remove, clear and dissolve dark energies and their technology will set a person free and enhance their quality of life as most depressions, anxiety, relationships breaking down, lack of pleasure & passion in life, limitation on growth and abundance, lethargy and psychic limitations are caused by these lower density frequencies and their technologies.

In releasing them and knowing how to dissolve galactic karma & contracts will attain true soul sovereignty with the space for a soul to re-allign to their true nature of divine love & source expansion. 

The Matrix is designed to keep people in loops of fear, pain and struggles and many people have implants that are connected to the AI matrix so their evolutionary path is consistent with dark night of the soul.

Being in awareness, knowing how to deal with these energies places you in your true power, a light warrior. 

In this online course we will be sharing information about the dark forces, their affiliates, their technologies and many tools to handle them and liberate yourself from them. It is very rich in information and techniques that you can use on yourself or on others if you are already a practicing healing facilitator. 

You will feel empowered, Sovereign and truly awake in your Light Warrior abilities. You will also become a super healer. 

You will also be activating your light body, learning shielding techniques and working with light beings to assist the facilitation of the psychic surgery and transmutation process. 

This Online Spiritual course will open your eyes beyond the veils & empower you beyond measure.

If you do not have previous healing experience or knowledge, we highly recommend you take 

Cosmic Alchemy before this course. 

If you do have healing experience, this course will facilitate your healing much faster and more powerful.



Here's what you will learn and activate

Earth Galactic History

Understanding the Quantum World

What is the Matrix & Objective

Reclaim Divine Sovereignty Contract

knowledge on dimensions (1,2 3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

Working with the subtle bodies 

- Shielding & Gridding Techniques

Unlock Pineal gland and Third Eye Activation

Quantum Clearing tools

- How to Clear energetic Shadows of people

- How to Heal Depression, anxiety, lack of will, feeling small

- How to Remove curses, hexes , black magic, voodoo & spells

- How to Remove energies of containment & brain fog

- How to Clear Chords & attachments & Quantum entanglements

- How to Clear false templates, overlays and low vibrational coding

- How to Clear AI frequency & Technology & tracking tags

- How to Remove implants, devices & siphoning technology

- How to Remove Entities & Parasites & Human Shadows

- How to Close doorways of infiltration

- How to RetrieveSoul aspects from spaceships / dark dimensions

- How to Close Portals & wormholes

- How  to Heal Parallel timeline contracts causing infiltration

- Connecting and Working with the Andromedan Council

Working with the Sun and Helios God Frequency

Reconnecting with your Cosmic Commander Aspect

Working on all levels of existence through time & space

Using Sacred Geometry for healing & clearing

- How to use Power of light frequencies (platinum, chromium etc

Soul Aspect Retrieval and Multidimensionality healing

- How to Restore timeline tears

Powerful Healing Codes Downloads

- How to Clear homes, offices and personal space with grids

- How to Live day to day life as a Light Warrior

- Much more


Light Warrior consists of

  • Course Manual

  • 36 Pre Recorded videos

  • 22 healing and activating meditations

  • Access to the Private FB study group

  • Lifetime Access

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Surprise Gift 

  • Immediate Access- Online - No attendance required- watch at your own pace

This Certified Online Course costs $ 2200

Client Experiences

Unlike any other course, Light warrior is a school itself. Healing low energies & codings, bringing back soul aspects, and integrating all these back to feeling whole & complete with the Absolute. Such an empowering course!! On another level of living life! You cannot go back to life the same! Not only does your awareness increase by 10000% , but you’re also very conscious about the importance of protecting your own energy while holding space for unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance. 

I felt the course was amazing and incredible and sooooo empowering!! It’s the full package and it’s exactly as promised !! People who are serious will definitely get into this course !!! I did find it easy and clear to navigate and like you guys said to always stay centered and to stay in oneness without separation, saying that did a huge shift. But the course is brilliant! Like I love it soooo much !! It’s so so empowering and I love how you guys always remind us to stay opened and to trust what we receive as well!

Sidra, 24- Dubai

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