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Beginners to Advanced

Light Worker

Ascension Creator Force

What will you learn?​

- Understanding the Ascension

- Role of Light-worker in Ascension

- Life Force Molecules

- Kundalini Activation

- Light and Oneness Embodiment

- Higher Heart Activation

- Higher Self Resonance

- Source Frequency embodied

- Energy Channels activation

- How to speak light codes

- How to create healing codes

- Infinite Being Activation

- Light-worker Nutrition and supplements

- Light Worker Exercise

3 activating breath-work techniques & QiGong

Self forgiveness & Compassion Practices

Egotistic Death and soul resurrection

Activation & Healing Codes

High Vibrational living and Star light code activation

Arcturian Healing Chambers & Meditation

Living as a Light-worker 

- Much more

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