Love Alchemy Activation Package

Get Ready to upgrade your love life!

In this Activation Package you will receive:

  • 3 remote Quantum Healing sessions

  • Session 1: will be disconnecting you from the matrix and all frequency fences that are preventing you from staying in your High Vibrational State

  • Session 2: will be a deep soul healing and integration of parallel lives that are affecting your relationship in this timeline & activation of your Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine frequencies by dissolving all old distorted programming from your Soul & DNA

  • Session 3: will be healing all aspects of you that are dependent on your partner to feel seen/fulfilled & aspects of you that need validation. Your Self Worth will be activated. Which will activate your inner Union!

  • Access to the powerful Online Course Divine Mirror so you can create a relationship from a place of unity and harmony.

  • This Package would normally cost you $1,287 but for this special occasion you will get everything listed above for just $777


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