Divine Mirror

Ignite your Love Union

What will you Experience ?

  • Soul mates vs twin flames

  • Inter Dependance vs Co-Dependance

  • Energetic Roles in Relationships

  • Inner union communion

  • Clearing genetic loops

  • Clearing past life vows

  • Clearing inner child beliefs of limited love

  • Clearing patterns of old relationships

  • Releasing grandest fears of commitment & intimacy

  • Enhancing Self Love 

  • Enhancing Self appreciation

  • Enhancing Self Respect

  • Knowing your worth in relationships

  • Knowing your relationship

  • Believing you can have it all 

  • Setting your standards

  • Sexual Sovereignty

  • What women desire?

  • What men crave?

  • Manifesting Divine Love

  • Welcoming Divine Love

Your Love Life is your ultimate mirror.

Life is deisgned for you to grow and evolve into your mastery and each individual has a feminine & masculine attribtes wtithin them. The partner we choose are representations of our own inner reflection most of the times. 

In other situations, our relationships can be teacher of embodiment of virtues or a balance of karma that has taken place with our ancestors or pst lives.

By knowing this you can be liberated from the pains, sufferings and drama that takes a toll in relationship and cultivate a healthy, loving, thriving union with your beloved.

your love life is a representation of your frequency towards love. heal & thrive in your relationships.


whether you are in an existing relationship or attracting a partner your way, this applies and by healing the karma , enhancing your self worth & self love and knowing the ancient tantric secrets of what makes a relationship thrive at its optimum, you have won.


As the energy of our sacred union can either boost you to our ultimate potential or deplete you tot the core. You are in charge of your reality, choose to heal the hidden limitations to activate a true love experience.

This course will boost the intimacy, communication, love and develop  a balanced relationship if you have an existing one as well as refine your frequency into one that manifests a sacred divine union.

This Online Course will do Just that, with its super potent meditations, tools , and healings.

You will ignite your love union.

The Journey is guided and created with ascendant masters and galactic beings of light.



divine mirror consists of

  • Course Manual

  • Certified Healing Course

  • 22 Pre Recorded videos

  • 14 healing meditations

  • 1 powerful declaration

  • Access to the Private FB study group

  • Lifetime Access

  • Completion Certificate

  • Gift Coupon

  • Immediate Access- Online- No attendance required

The Fee for this Course is $ 232

You can Pre-Order for $188 & receive the course on December 2, 2020


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