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Lyran Constellation

Meditation- November 10th- 2pm EST

Get Ready to expand into your infinite self !

In this Meditation you will:

  • Activate your Kathar Grid

  • Activate your Source Codes

  • Ignite your Path of Mastery

  • Reconnect with your cosmic family 

  • Experience the oneness with the universe

  • Enhance your awareness

  • Activate your Psychic Abilities 

  • Embrace your Light Essence 

  • Feel Alive, Joyful and Blissful


You will feel so elevated as you activate your original template of Ascension into God consciousness.


Your true nature is the infinite intelligence of the source of the universe. you are love and you are light. 

You will journey and reunite with your magical star brothers and sisters, who will be holding the space for you to activate your divine coding, DNA and inner wisdom of the universe. 


You will feel elevated and remember your divine truth with an upgraded light body. 

Register for the "Lyran Constellation" Meditation below and if you can't make it live, the replay will be sent within 24-48 hours.

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