Mastery Mentorship

The Mastery Mentorship is only open to those that are dedicated and committed to embodying their full self whether its related to personal healing, enriching your healing abilities & skills, activating your life path, starting your spiritual business or learning tools & techniques to master your practice.

We will start off with a Free Energy Upgrade Call where you will share your objectives and we will give your insight and feedback on how we can be of service to you so you can thrive in your mastery on your path.

The Mentorship will be customized for you, your energy and your desires so you can benefit the most from the sessions, which are 5 official sessions (held on Zoom) in one month accompanied by weekly practices for you to embody more of your mastery as well as daily conversations via text or email.

The Mentorship fee is $2222 and the benefits and results are priceless.

We only take a limited number of clients  each month to give our fullest attention and maximum capacity.