'I immediately felt a major shift

in my perspective.'

"After being introduced to theta through Nada's teachings. I immediately felt a major shift in my perspective. It feels as though I looking at the world from an enlightened view point, which feels amazing. I am sincerely grateful for the positive change Thetahealing has brought to me."



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There was a long time where I had bottled up anger, rage and fear. Nada helped me overcome that and sent me onto a new path of prosperity, happiness and gratitude. Her retreats and classes have greatly benefitted me in many ways and I would recommend it to anybody.


"her retreats & classes have greatly benefited me"


'I look forward to more sessions with her.'

"Nada is someone I can truly be myself with, and I feel safe sharing things with her. She has a very positive way of pointing out my strengths and weaknesses. I look forward to having more sessions with her."


'Nada is a gem who brought light, peace
& positive change in my life.'

"Nada is a gem who brought light, peace and positive change in my life. Thetahealing as helped me in many areas of my life and i recommend this healing because of the benefits i experienced."


"I can’t emphasise enough how special Christopher is. He’s unlike any healer I’ve ever met"

Working with Christopher Lyon has been such a blessing along my spiritual journey. He is a gifted and caring healer, who is as much a teacher as he is an alchemist. He has not only cleared and realigned energies that no longer served me, but he's taken the time to explain practical tools that I can use in my own daily spiritual hygiene practices. Christopher is deeply committed to assisting the collective at this time, and this level of compassion for humanity comes through in all interactions with him. I recommend his services to anyone at any stage in their awakening, as he truly offers a unique perspective on energy work and healing. He is one of a kind! 


 I can wholeheartedly recommend his sessions. His work has helped me immensely.

'Nada  guided me from the darkness into the light.'

"Nada guided me from the darkness into the light. Through her healing she took me onto a journey so beautiful that it changed my life. I can now see things and life more clearly. I am grateful and happy to have you in my life. I love you" 


'I left the session feeling light hearted and in peace.'

"I did one session of the quantum healing and it was just so deeply moving! I could feel the energy and the vibration all over my body even though we were at different places. I had several thoughts related to the matters were were working on in and out of my mind and several other ones came in flashes. The impact it had on me was huge. I left the session feeling light hearted and in peace. I was in a situation that forced me to face one of the issues she worked on me and I approached it under a whole different light as if the old feelings and insecurities were never there! I highly recommend it! 

Thank you Nada for once again letting yourself be used to heal and nurture a heart! "


'She is the love guru!'

'Being around you makes anyone believe they can do whatever they want!'

"Hey soul sister, Thought I should share my love and appreciation for you and your work! I’ve grown sooo much this past year and so much of that it’s due to you! Thank you so very much for caring for me and sharing your wisdom! Being around you makes anyone believe they can do whatever they want! Thanks for all the empowerment and unconditional love! You are a star! And i will be eternally grateful for having crossed paths with you! Love you!"

"Nada has a special and vibrant personality about her that attracted me to her and when I did  sessions of theta healing , I loved how she instantly understood and genuinely shared knowledge which allowed me to bond with her ..she is the love guru"

Dr. N.S.

'It was a very profound & powerful experience to work with her on my energy.'

"Nada is an amazing and authentic healer. She brought a remarkable transformation to my life. It was a very profound and powerful experience to work with her on my energy. I have never felt more balanced. happy and in harmony."


'Being more open & honest with myself...'

"I would like to say a big Thank You to you Nada, I have received more abundance in my life, being more open and honest with myself and am able to express my feelings without guilt. i have come a long way in a very short span. Thank you once again"


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