Hello Beloved Soul

I love you with all of my being my dear family of light.

I am dedicated to my path to fully share with you the creme de la creme of knowledge, wisdom and awareness for you to elevate, evolve and have complete harmony in your life while thriving in every area. 

My teachings are for new people discovering the path of mastery and Ascension as well as refined skilled light workers and everyone in between.  Life Mastery is Self Mastery and each Course and Session I provide create powerful transformations for the desired activation and outcome. 

You deserve the best always. 



My Path started when I had a near death experience in a car accident at the age of 14, I elevated into Quantum Space and understood that the world was a simulation, an organic one and our souls have chose these specific bodies with these specific experiences for an embodiment of experience and and unfolding of mastery. Some lessons are learnt on the spot, and some reactivate at a later stage.

My Psychic Abilities have been open since the Car accident and I have been in communication with Angels and Ascendant Masters my entire life. I have been initiated over and over with Lord Melchizidiek, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Andromedan High Council, Isis, Jesus, Mahavatar Babaji and The Great Mother Sophia amongst many others. The Healings I offer are supported by these majestic beings of light; whether it is to activate your DNA, to upgrade the frequency of your subconscious mind, to reawaken your womb magic or to clear you from negative energies and entities. 

The Courses are from the teachings of my personal experience of elevation, evolution and Multi Dimensional Mastery. 

Throughout my path I learnt every single healing modality that existed, I have over 75 certificates of healing, I have read over a hundred of a books and watched documentaries. There are things that worked, and things that didnt resonate. I have included the best of the best for you as well.

Im happy you are ready to ignite your life to the next level, Together we will make this world a peaceful place one by one.

You can always email on if you would like to discuss, share or receive clarification. 

I see you, I love you and I honor you.

Your Soul Sister