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Free Online Events

New Earth Masters is dedicated to assist you in your growth, evolution, ascension & path of mastery.


In these Global Events we embark on powerful educational masterclasses deep healing & activating meditations for you to rise in frequency and expand in awareness in order to thrive in evert area of your life.

All Sessions are open for Questions and Answers for you to receive the maximum input and embrace your fullest potential.

Below is the schedule, details & registration link.

Each Free Online event is approximately one hour and All Replays will be emailed within 24-48 hours.

Virtues webinar.jpg



Kryst Consciousness

August 25

Learn the tools and embrace the  Kryst Consciousness within for your Angelic Template to activate

feminine and masculine.jpg

Free Masterclass

Divine Feminine & Masculine 

September 15th

Learn how to Balance your Inner Feminine and Masculine to live in Holy communion with your life and creations


Free Meditation

5D Ascension Blueprint

September 29th

Activate your Ascension Blueprint for an expansive experience of spiritual mastery and elevation energies

holy grail 2.jpg

Free Meditation

Holy Grail of Life

October 13th

Elevate your consciousness into one of holiness and wholeness for a complete experience of being a divine human being


Free MasterClass

Curses & Black Magic

October 27th

widen your knowledge on curses and black magic. Learn how to detect them and remove them safely while protecting your energy


Free Meditation

The Lyran Constellation

November 10th

Activate your 12D Kathar Grid for a deeper connection of your Source Self and an expansive experience of a spiritual being 




Light Body Mastery

November 17th

Learn the tools to create your life with your Light Body, elevate your frequency and live in Mastery as an etheric physical being of love

Krystic .jpg

Free MasterClass

Krystic Template

December 1st

Learn how to activate your Krystic template, disconnect from the false matrix and ignite your original blueprint of Oraphim consciousness

god consciousness.jpg



God Consciousness

December 15th

Expand your consciousness into a God state of oneness, unity, love, harmony, grace and forever expanding intelligence.

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