Online Spiritual Courses

Quantum Healing Training

Cosmic Alchemy

For those that want to learn how to facilitate powerful healings using the subconscious mind and energy fields in a multi dimensional manner using universal frequencies.

by Nada & Christopher


Galactic Activation


For those that want to activate their Starseed DNA, third Eye multi-dimensionally, upgrade their subtle bodies, meet their Galactic Councils and

 work with Andromeda.

by Christopher

Mastering Life

the Initiation

For those that want to heal their inner child, harmonize their feminine & masculine, transform their life pain to life powers, meet their angels and Spirit Guide teams.

by Nada

Sacred Feminine Path

The Oracle

For those women that want to heal their relationship with their womb, their feminine lineage, utilizing womb energy & practices to enhance their life quality.

by Nada 


Soul Illumination

Earth Angel

For those that want to disconnect from the false matrix & reconnect to the Source Grid dissolving all separation and activating the full angelic frequency & diamond light body.

by Christopher

The Divine Within

Christ Consciousness

For those that want to heal and integrate all their false egotistic self. Embrace their Christed Self, activate their Christed heart and work with the Sophia Christos frequencies manifesting heaven on earth.

by Nada

Royal Spirit

Abundance Activation

For those that want to heal their relationship with wealth, money and finances by clearing all limitations and welcoming the abundant mindset and manifesting reality effortlessly.

by Nada 


Fire Alchemy

Elemental Shamanic Ceremony

For those that want to use Fire to heal, purify, eliminate stagnant blocks while creating doorways for new opportunities and blessings to unfold in their world.

by Christopher & Nada

Psychic Powers

Unleash Your Potential

For those that want to activate their intuition and sixth sense fully and learn how to facilitate energy readings, furture readings, Akashic record readings as well as communicating with spirit easily.

by Nada

Divine Mirror

Ignite Your Love Union

For those that want to elevate and attract a harmonious love relationship by releasing old patterns and welcoming intimacy through self love and conscious relationship flow.

by Nada 

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Light warrior

Liberation from Darkness

For those that want to learn how to clear low vibrational energies, negative entities, remove etheric implants, devices and AI technogolies as well as shielding and universal light healing and activations.

by Christopher & Nada

Light Worker

Ascension Creator Force

For those that want to activate their Kundalini and capitalize on their life force energy, be in full light embodiment and accelerate their life path of creating oneness.

by Christopher & Nada



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