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Online workshops

New Earth Masters is dedicated to assist you in your growth, evolution, ascension & path of mastery.


In these workshops we share with you powerful teachings, upgraded information and a resource hub of knowledge for your spiritual mastery and Ascension path

Below is the schedule, details & registration links.

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Awaken your Divinity

September 24th


A Transformational Day into your 5D life with angelic and galactic guidance 

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سلامة الرّحم 

٢١ تشرين الثّاني


عزّزي اتصالك بالأنوثة المقدسة الموجودة في داخلك من خلال التمارين القوية و الّنشاطات المختصّة بالرّحم

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Online Workshop

Ascension Gateway

December 10th


Activate your Ascension Blueprint for an expansive experience of spiritual mastery and elevation 

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