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Spiritual Retreats create space for the elevation of our frequencies with implementing the morning practices of light body activation, meditation, Qi Gong or Yoga combined with the healthiest foods to nourish the body alongside ancient sacred sites visitation to activate our DNA with specific spiritual teachings to anchor a consciousness of love, light and holiness while being of service to the land andhaving fun. AKA Spiritual retreats are powerful in everyway.



Join me for a 9-day luxury priestess initiation like no other! Deepen your connection with the innate wisdom within you, and accelerate your spiritual path of mastery. This is your chance to unite with Gaia through the hidden wonders and treasures of the land of Lebanon.

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Turkey is one of the oldest lands to embody all religionsas well as greek mythology. The balance of the masculine & feminine was profound, and the team upgraded their DNA with Elohim frequencies.


The land of alchemy & magic. The essence of mystery schools and the original portals of Sirius. The here received massive upgrades to their channel and activated their galactic gifts.


Earths Kundalini Rising in this sacred masculine land of the ancient wise ansestors. The team activated with the earth and plant medicine. a Journey to always rememebr and a connection with all so deep.

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