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Are you Living Abundantly?

Abundance can never be created as abundance is the state of existence. Abundance is everywhere, in everything. Its not a destination or a dream to be reached.

People are either abundant in health or sickness. People are either abundance in wealth or poverty. People can be abundant in self worth or self sabotage. People can be abundant in love or fear. People can be abundant in hatred or compassion.

The list can go on.

All between frequencies are experienced as well as life is not black & white. Its all the colors and radiance in between - in abundance.

So "becoming" abundant is like a donkey following a carrot on a stick.

Its a matter of choice of which frequency of abundance you choose to experience and the decisions you make.

If you choose to be abundant in health, then eliminate from your life all that is toxic to your well being.

If you choose to be abundant in wealth, then shift the mindset you are experiencing into one of infinite possibilities.

If you choose to be abundant in self worth then know your standards, love that beautiful inner child and liberate yourself from false personas.

If you choose to be abundant in love, then pray. Bless the world. Bless your neighbors. Bless those you have judged and bless yourself for judging.

If you choose to be abundant in compassion, then listen with acceptance. See and experience situations as they are with curiosity and divinity.

Abundance is our natural state, its the choices we make that bring forward the state of abundance we will experience.

The illusion of lack, and the fear of not having abundance is what creates attachments to outcomes or any type suffering in the process of awakening into abundance.

There is no lack in the world. There is no lack in Gods creation.

The Key is to tune into the abundance of ALL high frequencies together. Most people experience high vibrational abundance in some areas and other areas the low frequency states.

In order to do that, one must let go of all attachments. In order to do that, one must release al expectations. In order to do that, one must live without a hidden agenda.

Its easier said than done.

In order to tune into the Abundant Abundance, develop a mindset of gratitude, a heart set of compassion and a lifestyle of surrendering to the knowing that you are cared for. Always.

In order to tune into the infinite resources of the universe, know yourself, know yourself as the creator. know yourself as the creation of the creator. know your value, your worth, your deserving of being valuable & worthy and treat yourself the same.

In order to tune into all of your natural birthrights, believe in yourself, believe in your potential, empower yourself to achieve your dreams, to pursue your passions and stop making excuses to anything that you are not. You are God.

In order to tune into your highest vibrational state, be of service. Be kind, be loving, be helpful, welcome the divinity of all and treat everybody as you are treating God. Behave in every situation as you are interacting with God.

For It Is SO, and SO it IS.

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