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Ascension through love

What we are is LOVE. What we were created through is LOVE. What we were born to experience is LOVE. What we awaken into is LOVE. What we ascend through is LOVE.

Love has many layers, like an onion, and the more i meditate and go inwards to integrate myself, the more i experience the infinite grace of the universe sharing love with me & through me in ways my linear mind cannot fathom, its an emotional expansive experience.

To reach this state:

i went through a process of accepting. Accepting myself, my persona, my behavior, my past & my present. Accepting myself as the divine incarnated in my beautiful body.

i went through a process of forgiveness. forgiving every encounter, every situation, every disaster, my past, my present and most importantly forgiving myself fully and forgiving myself for forgetting that i was Gods Miraculous Creation.

i went through a process of purification, purifying my soul from earthly bound egotistic traps of fulfillment, such as gluttony, greed, lust, anger, envy, pride & laziness. Releasing all my attachments to what i thought made me feel whole. None of this was true. True fulfillment is from within.

My wholeness was already there, covered like a body dressed up in many layers. My wholeness is here.

I didn't have to do anything to become the divine essence of God, all i had to do was release what was my false self and welcome my divinity, and so I have.

I can clearly declare now that i am God. I am whole. I am divine.

I can clearly see now that you are God. You are whole. You are divine.

I can clearly experience all situations, encounters & interactions as God experiencing God, in wholeness & Divinity.

All else is illusionary.

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