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Dance of illusionary Life to Infinite Love

I was caught up in the illusion of the love and light of the healing world, focusing on working on myself using my external environment to determine my frequency. What I saw outside me in my every day life gave me an indication of where I am in limitation and where I am in love. The more I focused on this, the more I lost myself in the wave of illusion.

What I discovered is that the world does not reflect my inner state. My inner state is pure, its innocent, its kind and loving. The world is not that. At that moment, I stopped using the external world and the people I met to activate my healing journey by believing they are reflecting me.

Instead I focused on my world. My own universe. My own creation and elevated in mastery. Every healer is either healing from their wounds and therefore are rooted in their egos and this is actually very very very dangerous for those receiving a healing, or the healer is holding space of divine love for the healing to take place naturally as this is the divine flow of creation, being harmonious.

When I stopped validating the healers that are in their wounds, their shadows emerged. They became controlling, manipulative and deceptive. I stayed in my heart and anchored my truth which is innocence and purity. The more I accepted the darkness I saw in others, the more God revealed to me the darkness that is on the planet. I saw the truth of the matrix, the infiltration of codes and the level of control thats beyond belief.

I awoken to the realization that I am the divinity to be reflected to the world. I am the change and I am the life of God embracing the new earth, holding her frequency for her children, the humans to awaken to the same ugly truth that I did.

Nothing is as it seems and most emotional turmoil is entangled with a dark energy siphoning the joy, love and grace of humanity. There is inner work to be done, but there is massive energetic clearing for the self that must take place for full sovereignty. Those that are controlled and siphoned have no idea this is taking place in their reality and this is where the danger comes in when I spoke about healers before, it is because these healers are the ones that are mostly affected and entangled with darkness disguised as light. They are participating in the control matrix without their conscious awareness due to their egotistic nature of needing to be validated and recognized.

True recognition is recognizing the infinite grace of divine creation in your heart. From that space you will never need anyones validation because there's nothing to validate as there's nothing to prove. There is only existence and the essence of Love.

The Journey I experienced was eye opening, it was also heart breaking and reality crashing. What got me through it is my ability to be anchored in my innocence and live in acceptance. God showed me how to remove these entanglements and free humanity from their unknown cages of dark forces. I knew I was Sovereign.

Life instantly gets better. Love pours out of the heart and light out of the eyes mirroring the divinity of Gods grace to the world once again.

That is your true nature. You are Gods grace mirroring divinity to the world. The world is not a mirror of your ego beloved soul. The world does not mirror your wounds. The world is wounded and you are the solution. You are the light that will harmonize destruction and repair the faith in our species. Know thyself.

Be aware of the false light healers, there are many and they are the ones that will speak of love the most without embodying it behind closed doors. How could they if they are infiltrated with dark codes? they can't...and you should not be seduced by their words and show on stage, do not be lured by the temptation of what they offer. Liberate yourself and be in your sovereignty. You do not need anyone to embody your God Self. You are God herself. Let go of all falseness and return to your heart where the infinite bliss, the grace and love of creation resides.

Rise in your Sovereignty Beloved brothers & sisters

Rise in your love

Release the chains of illusionary desires & go into that Kingdom of heaven within you.

Realize your truth

Live in your Passions

Awaken your Spark

Become the light

Live as the Light

You are loved beyond measure.

I love you beyond measure.

You are me and I am you.

We are one and in that oneness we return home to Mother Father God.


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