Mary Magdalene Channeling

A sweet, soft channeling from Mary of Magdalena this morning to the Feminine energies in both genders

"The Feminine must speak. The Feminine must speak her words of wisdom, her words of nurture, her words of love, her words of kindness. The Feminine must speak, she must speak the sounds of the womb, she must speak the sounds of the universe within her and make love to the forsaken energies of the cosmos. The Feminine must speak and she must speak in a way of grace, in a way of nobility and walk in the path of integrity, the path of dignity. The Feminine must speak and when the Feminine speaks words of serenity , words of divinity then the children of the Earth will awaken.

The children of the Earth are those that descended from the heavens. The children of the Earth are those that come with Heaven in their heart. The Children of the Earth are the ones that will make this world a more harmonious place by activating their heart, in their bodies. The body is the vessel of the divine, the soul is the spirit of the divine and when the body awakens, the heart expands. When the heart expands the soul emerges and when the soul emerges we acknowledge our unity. When we acknowledge our unity we live as one. "

Mary of Magdalena

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