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The Quantum Field

Everything physical & non physical has an energetic blueprint made up of Frequency Technology that creates holograms, algorithms, coding to create both states and all states of existence.

Frequency Technology is like a magic carpet, where all the information is held in a multi dimensional and multi functional manner that then translates into the individual yet not separate holographic universe of what is manifested in either the physical like a human, plant, animal, etc or non physical like an angel, alien, energetic substance etc.

Each carry their own holographic universe blueprint that is then manifested in holograms to carry the state, shape, dimension the physical or non physical is in. The holograms are multi dimensional and multi timeline, and the ones experienced are from the energetic frequency that is radiating out, in human form , this is called emotions.

The Holograms carry algorithms that manage the patterns, the occurrences and situations the physical and non physical experience. These algorithms have codes that are similar to train tracks , when a code is activated, an opportunity of many timelines open up for new algorithms to anchor in for new experiences to be manifested.

Each Physical & Non Physical has all this instantly & constantly playing out in their own individual holographic universe and together , combined the holographic multi verse manifests with the same concept on a wider scale.

Everything experienced & not experienced by the physical and non physical returns back to the Frequency Technology which then integrates with the Quantum Field once again, for the cycle to repeat itself even though it was never separate from the quantum field, and never started and never ended for the repeat to begin.

There is a divine order in the Frequency Technology and for humanity to experience this divine perfection, a key virtue is to be embodied, which is surrender to the divine grace of the quantum field, aka The Universe.

Mantis Race Channeling

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