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You are here to Inspire Others

"No human being wants to be told to relax, however in order to offer peace to the world we are to lie down by the still waters and look up at the sky and view the world peace to materialization.

Problems are not the foundation of the world, problems are given significance on how we see them. many see the world filled with danger.

Beloved brothers and sisters, a sense of danger produces fear , which produces a sword of righteousness, which is a sword that seeks victory when there are actually no sides and in reality there is only oneness. put this sword away.

Oneness is truth. Oneness is God.

Let us remember oneness. The world requires more gentleness kindness and understanding. Instead of focusing on problems, please smile. The good in the world is established by the good in your heart.

Shine your light. harmony is established by being the light in the world.

Love all human beings , no matter how different they are.

Through your love, you raise the consciousness of the world.

You are here to inspire others.

First inspire yourself and rise above the clouds by seeing the blessings in the world for more blessings to grow.

Love yourself. Love your brother and sisters. Love the planet. Love the world.

Value your life, value your body, value your existence.

Claim peace, give peace and be peace.

Together we evolve into the New Earth in love peace and harmony in our hearts."

Inspired by a channeling from the Ashtar Command.

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