Power Healing 

Empower yourself during this uncertain time on the planet so you can feel solid, strong & sovereign without fear or despair.

  • 4 Remote Online Quantum Healing Sessions

  • Healing childhood & past lives

  • Releasing sub ordinance to "Authority"

  • Clearing Peer Pressure & People Pleasing attributes

  • Healing all lifetimes where your freedom was taken away

  • Resolving all Karma with camps, slavery and capture

  • Fear of lack or being in lack if you leave your paid job

  • Tuning your purpose to prosperity & abundance

  • Releasing limitations of speaking and being in your truth

  • Fear of loosing if you choose your truth over conformity

  • Clearing many energies along those Sovereign Intentions of Power

  • Releasing your fear of loosing your freedom

  • Releasing your fears towards your children & community

  • Releasing Resentment to the situation in the world

  • Releasing Blame or Helplessness 

  • Disconnection from the Matrix of illness, pain & suffering

  • Reestablishing the Connection to Infinite Source

The 4 Sessions are remote and are on dates: June 7, 14, 21 & 28.
You will receive a detailed email after each session. 

The Power Healing Package of 4 Sessions costs $333 instead of $1332

For any clarification, watsapp +1-808-557 6284 or email iam@newearthmasters.com

To prepare for the sessions, set the intention to release what no longer serves you, drink lots of water and spend some quality time in nature and in meditation. There is nothing specific you need to do on the day of the session. Be mindful to stay clear from consciousness altering substances such as alcohol. 

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Submit the payment of $333 to PayPal BEFORE you click on "Send" below to book your spot. We are happy you are participating in this as having your power active  is essential during these times. 

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You will receive a report of your healing by email after each session. Blessings.