YES! A complete A-to-Z on everything you need to activate your psychic abilities to your fullest potential.

If you want to become super psychic, this is the course for you!




Psychic Powers

Awaken the Intuitive Within: A Path to Psychic Mastery

A step by step formula that lets people just like you unlock the power of their intuitive abilities, and learn how to facilitate every kind of psychic readings.

It's time to unleash your fullest potential!


 We KNOW how difficult it can be to master and trust your psychic abilities, especially when you're navigating everything solo!

Even if you are slightly intuitive, and maybe even understand the basic principles…. the big picture is still unclear to you

And, well, you know that you were made for more... you know exactly what a powerful psychic you can be and you are ready to rise into your power and claim it all.


 You want to trust your psychic powers and master how to use them

Like many others we've spoken to, it's likely you might feel...


1. You want to be able to trust your intuition and spiritual abilities, but feel like you haven’t mastered them

2. You know that you’re capable of having an open and  active third eye, but there’s just something in the way, and you’re not sure what it is.

3. You are an empath who may have one of your psychic abilities active and want to open up the others.

4. You want to facilitate psychic readings, but you want to make sure you are decoding the information correctly.

5. You want to have the full spectrum of what energy readings are and rise into your totality. 

But here’s the thing:

The key to real transformation isn't just about superficial fixes; it's about understanding your deep-seated blocks, de-cacifying your pineal gland and learning the practices to awaken your intuition fully. 

The most successful psychics know the difference between all their psychic centers, the tools to energize them and work with the laws of the universe to enhance their readings, channelings and future forecasts.

This is an opportunity for you to deepen your connection to the energetic world by activating all your psychic senses and learn the simple yet intricte process, which will allow you to facilitate these readings: body scans, people's auras, the energy of situations, future readings, communication with your future and higher self andddd the Akashik Records (the hall in the universe that literally stores all the information from the beginning of time)

Imagine if you could genuinely open up your psychic powers and lived in a world where energy communicates with you and you know exactly what it's saying. 

What possibilities might you open for yourself?

Deep down, you know that you're meant for greater things.
All you need to do is activate, enhance and learn how to use your Psychic Skills.

So, what's your first move towards this amazing journey of change?

 The Psychic Powers Course.

Your journey to intuitive mastery begins when you engage with the teachings in Psychic Powers, from releasing your blocks and awakening your psychic senses with the teachings of how to facilitate every single kind of reading.


This course is about you becoming the Psychic Powerhouse you know you were born to be! 


Psychic Powers is your golden ticket to a full-on psychic initiation.

Here's what Ali has to say...

I felt a massive shift!

"Thank you so much for placing all the different types of readings in one course, you have simplified everything for me.

Also, I absolutely loved the clearings of blocks, I felt a massive shift in my vibration afterwards.

I'm already to speaking to my guides. I can see energy better when i'm working on clients now and most importantly, my confidence increased."



“When you can offer yourself something you truly need, in a way that feels good to you- it’s more than a stepping stone of evolution. It’s mastery. It’s the very best kind of growth”

Here is our story

We're just two people, much like you, who had a dream of becoming super psychic. 

We wanted to be able to see energy, very clearly. We had a desire, to transform our empathic skills and start working with the universe.

We practiced day in and day out and realized that most of our blocks came down to us from our ancestors and our past lives.

Once we cleared these blocks, we started having powerful intuitive abilities.

We didn't want it to stop there. We wanted the full spectrum, we wanted to master what we were seeing and feeling. So we started working with the universe and tapped into the ability to clearly read the future, while also naturally reading peoples energies (and we are talking about details here).

With the help of our spirit guides, we discovered a wealthy library in the universe that stores all the information from the beginning of time until forever. It was like our treasure box of facilitating readings and healings.

Our favorite type of reading became, speaking to our future self and getting guidance from our higher self so we can always make the best aligned decisions for our souls as we walk through life.

Our psychic abilities didn't just wake up over night; they soared after practice.

We wanted everybody to claim and own their power. This why we created "Psychic Powers."

It's everything we learned over years, put together in a step by step, made easy and super practical process for you.

We're hear, cheering you on, ready to help you completely upgrade your intuitive skills.


This is your short cut to becoming a super psychic master.


Let's dive in together with Psychic Powers.
Your journey to awakening your inner psychic starts here!

Here's what Sandy has to say...


"I feel very free & liberated after activating my psychic senses. I now know, how to interpret what I feel so clearly.

I love playing with my psychic senses and the speak to my guides, it helps me with decision making and I feel supported.

Appreciate this class so much. PS: I love interpreting my dreams too!" 



This Certified Online Course is created for those mystics that are ready to unleash their fullest potential.

By the end of Psychic Powers, you'll:

- Release the blocks of doubt, insecurity, fear so you can open the path to true psychic awareness. (these blocks may be yours or ancestral) 

- Understand Energy and the different kinds of psychic gifts, the diverse methods the universe speaks so you can master the world of intuition. 

- Activate your Psychic Senses, so you can start seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing, smelling and tasting energy in a way thats easy and clear.

- Learn how to facilitate body scans, energy readings, the energy of situations, future readings, communication with your future and higher self and how to navigate the Akashik Records.

- Rise into your Psychic Mastery, by trusting yourself with full confidence, feeling empowered and ready to take your life to the next level. 

What's Inside Psychic Powers?

Psychic Powers isn't a passive program.

It's an online course & community experience that includes video training, Q&A sessions, and all the resources you need to activate your powers and master energy reading.

You'll be part of a supportive community that empowers you to advance your understanding and wisdom, allowing you to use the powers of your intuition with confidence.

Take a look at The Psychic Powers Journey...

Module 1: Release Psychic Blocks

This Module is  designed to help you release the limiting blocks that may be rooted in fears, doubts, or other constraints, whether from your childhood, past lives, or ancestral lineage with your psychic senses. Through targeted techniques and guided practices, you'll navigate and dissolve these barriers, allowing your psychic abilities to flourish. Say goodbye to self-imposed limitations and embrace a new realm of clarity, intuition, and spiritual insight. 

Module 2: Activate Psychic Senses

Embody a powerful process where you'll activate and awaken the powerful gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. We will guide you through the layers of restriction, allowing you to step into your true power and experience heightened intuition and spiritual clarity. You will acquire the skills to understand the language of energy, unlocking doors to deeper insights, spiritual growth, and intuitive wisdom. 

Module 3: Psychic Readings & Mastery

This is your journey to master the art of energy reading and psychic insights. We guide you through a step-by-step process, teaching you the intricacies of reading energy, scanning people's auras, foreseeing the future, and accessing past life information. We will teach you how to work and retrieve the wisdom of the Akashic Records, unlocking the ability to facilitate any type of psychic readings while navigating communication with your Future self and Higher self enhancing your connection to intuitive realms.

And There’s More! 

Here are the Amazing Bonuses Inside

Bonus 1: Dream Interpretation Masterclass (value $250)

Unlock the mysteries of your subconscious mind as you learn how to interpret, understand, and derive deep insights from your dreams. This masterclass will blend ancient wisdom with contemporary scientific understanding, providing you a comprehensive toolkit to decipher the symbols, emotions, and narratives of your dreams.


Bonus 2: Meet Your Spirit Guides Masterclass (value $297)

In this  masterclass,  we'll pull back the curtain on these often invisible helpers. Discover who they are, how they've been guiding you, and ways to deepen your bond with them from guardian angels, galactic guides, ancestors and more. Understanding and connecting with your spirit guides is a game-changer, Giving you insights, support, and friendship on your life's journey.


Bonus 3: Energy Protection Meditation (value $97)

Safeguard your empathic energy and find inner peace, shield yourself from negativity, and experience a world of empowerment, as you navigate life and people’s energies with grace and strength. This energy protection meditation will ensure that you are bathed in diamond light and your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual essences and cocooned within this energy so you can feel safe and strong.


When you enroll Today you’ll have access to:


Psychic Powers FULL FLEDGED Course which activates your all your 6 intuitive senses, with tools on how to use them with confidence while teaching you how to facilitate energy reading, future readings, communicate with your future and higher self and accessing the Akashic Records.

 VALUE $847


PLUS FOUR Free Limited Time Bonuses- when you enroll today so you can interpret dreams correctly and meet your spirit guides as you walk through this journey supported and shielded energetically.

 VALUE $644


VIP Community Access  - where you'll be surrounded by passionate, like minded souls who are accelerating their path alongside you.

 VALUE $500


You get All this for Only $197

You've got Options

Choose TODAY which plan works best for you, so you can get past the starting line & into MASTERY!




3 monthly payments of $69


One full pay of $197


No matter which payment plan you pick, you’ll get instant access inside Ascension Master foundational modules, bonus suite,  access to the team, and membership in our private Facebook community.

Here's what Girija has to say...

Big Thanks!

"I am so amazed with all the content that was covered in the course. So many clearings, activations and meditations, all of them were just WOW! Golden nuggets that no-one shared and you have explained so generously.

Big Thanks. I did my first psychic reading on a client today and could understand the energies so well."



Psychic Powers will equip you with all the essential tools you need to enhance your psychic abilities and elevate to a master energy reader.


- Discover all the different types of psychic abilities and all the different ways energy can communicate with you.


- Learn this step by step process on how to facilitate energy readings, future readings, communicate with your future and higher self and accessing the Akashic Records.


- Rise into your mastery and start trusting in your psychic skills with full confidence while feeling empowered and free.


- Transform into the most intuitively connected, psychically empowered, and spiritually aware version of yourself. Full stop.



Ready to Elevate?

We are excited to be your guides on this journey of Psychic Mastery.



Have Questions? Get your Answers...

Does this course come with a certificate?

Yes, Of course, upon course completion, you'll receive an instantly downloadable certificate. We're excited for you!

Do I have to be "healer" to take this course?

No – In fact, some of our students who have seen the best results would consider themselves not “healers”. They simply followed a system that we’ll show you. This is for both, healers people and non-healers.


Will the course take me a long time to get through ?

We're only interested in you becoming who you were born to be. This course can be easily binge watched over a weekend or you can take your time to consume it.

Will I miss out on anything if I buy the course now, and start later? 

Absolutely not! There is a reason why we chose to do a go-at-you-own-pace course. Why? Because life is busy. We want you to rise into your Psychic Powers when your life allows and are ready to rock! 

 ⍰ When do I get access to the product?

Instantly. It's not drip fed. You get instant access to all the training and practices including the bonuses and VIP Community. Looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have access for lifetime of the course. So what does that mean for you? Well, it means you're in luck! We want you to always have this content, so if you join now, it's yours forever. We are constantly tweaking, adding to it, and recording new content so once you are in, you're in for everything that's waiting for you now (and anything that's coming soon)!