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Psychic Powers

Unleash your Potential

What will you experience & Benefit?​​

  • What are Psychic Powers​

  • What blocks psychic powers

  • Flow of energy interpretation in Quantum field

  • Empowering your energy reading centers

  • Body heart communication

  • How to trust what you are reading

  • Releasing emotional blocks of powers

  • Releasing Self Doubt

  • Releasing past lives blocks

  • Releasing etheric implants that may be blocking you

  • Activating third eye and other psychic centers

  • Generate more Psychic Skills

  • Methods to use Psychic Skills

  • Enhance Psychisch Skills

  • Energy Readings & Chakras

  • Future Readings

  • Akashic Record Readings

  • Ancestors Reading

  • Angel Reading

  • Future Self Communication

  • Higher Self Communication

  • ET Guides Reading

  • Interpreting what you see, feel & hear

  • Disconnecting energies after a reading

  • Reading for a Client 

You my dear beloved soul, have powers beyond measure.

You can see energy, read energy and change energy.

Energy is the foundation of life and when energy is aligned, life is harmonious.

When you re-member your psychic powers, you activate your mastery

Imagine being able to read your future and change the vibration to have a different experience unfold.

Imagine you are able to tap into energy of a business deal before you sign the papers.

Imagine you can read the energy of the room you walk into, the people you meet, and your own vibration.

Imagine you can facilitate energy reading for others and speak to spirit guides, whether they are your angels, ansestors or ET counterparts.

There is infinite potential with psychic powers, and today we will activate yours to their maximum capacity.

This Online Course will do just that with its super potent meditations, tools and healing for you to unleash yips fullest potential..

You will activate your powers, know how to use them and enhance the trust within.







Having your psychic Powers switched on is as similar as giving a blind man the ability to see again. its indescribable & miraculous and will have the opportunity to live in both the physical and metaphysical worlds simultaneously.

The Journey is guided and created with ascendant masters and galactic beings of light.

Psychic Powers consists of

  • Course Manual

  • Certified Healing Course

  • 15 Pre Recorded videos

  • 7 healing meditations

  • 1 powerful prayer

  • Access to the Private FB study group

  • Lifetime Access

  • Completion Certificate

  • Gift Coupon

  • Immediate Access- Online- No attendance required

The Fee for this Course is $ 188

Ready to  activate your psychic powers?

"I am so amazed with all the content that was covered in the course. So many clearings, activations and meditations, all of them were just WOW! Golden nuggets that no-one shares and you have explained so generously. Big Thanks. I did my first psychic reading on a client today and could understand the energies so well"

Girija, 34- India


"Thank you so much for placing all the different types of readings in one course, you have simplified everything for me. Also, I absolutely loved the clearings of blocks, I felt a massive shift in my vibration afterwards. Im ready to speak to my guides. I can see better when im working on clients now and most importantly, my confidence increased."

Ali, 23- Dubai

"I feel very free & liberated after healing all those elements that were limiting me from being in my full power. I do energy readings fir a living and this knowledge has assisted me in wisdom as well as my powers more open and I can trust them more. Thank you."

Sandy, 45- Arizona