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What will you experience in this FREE Webinar?


  • Access to Quantum Field

  • Learn the tools of  quantum healing

  • Understand how healing works

  • Easy methods of releasing limitations

  • Healing Codes

  • Feel more empowered

  • Feel liberated

  • Release anxiety & stress

  • Open up new opportunities

  • Elevate vibration

  • Increase Awareness

  • Inner Peace

  • Love & Joy for Life

  • & More


the Free Quantum Healing Tools

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date: 24 March

Time: 8 AM dubai 

Location: Zoom

(a link will be sent to you at registration)

duration: 1 hour

(replay will be emailed afterwards)

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Testimonials of

New Earth Masters webinars

"Yes Yes Yes, this course assisted me in aligning myself to an abundant energy.

I feel so empowered & my creator energy is very real. Thank you

George, 34 - Peru

"I loved the tips that you shared, they are so simple yet make a huge difference. My mindset is completely shifted and i feel so wealthy. Thank you"

Nancy, 26 - Bali

"WOW.i feel chraged up and ready for lifeMy dreams are ahead of me and im going to create them. My time to rise has come. Thank you again and again"

Kate, 24- USA

Your whole life is your creation through your vibration and codes you carry in your quantum field in this game of life.

By knowing how to play the game right, you can easily tap into the quantum field and facilitate a healing for yourself and other.

Healing is taking your power back and being in your full sovereignty.

In this Webinar I will be sharing with you the tools and techniques that work for you to enhance your healing skills as well as codes we will share with you the you can use to maintain a high elevated frequency and use on your clients.

You will also have the opportunity to ask Nada & Christopher any question that you desire clarification on within the scope of this topic.


By upgrading your frequency you are creating new opportunities for you beyond the collective consciousness sof humanity as a sovreign alchemist of mastery,