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Quantum Healing

Your energetic field is the energetic body that surrounds your entire physical body connected to past lives as well as the chakras. Carrying dense energies affects lives in many ways and limits growth, whether it's spiritual or physical & keeps people feeling stuck, commonly manifested into feeling drained, pain, lack, suffering, depression or diseases in the body.

Quantum Healings are multi dimensional and multi timeline releasing a person from energetic entanglements, blockages, karma & contracts, negative frequencies of all sorts creating a re-balancing, re-energizing, re-aligning, re-centering of the energy fields bringing the highest frequency of calibration, harmony, abundance & blossoming. 
Transmuting energetic attachments, aura tears, cords, implants, devices, dense emotions, outdated thought forms, portals, negative AI coding, chakra blockages, soul blockages, all levels of awareness in the chakra system including the neural brain network results in a deeper connection to your higher self, experiencing lightness, freedom, love, abundance,  inner bliss being more present and grounded with joy & opportunities. 
Cleansing & clearing your energy bodies from low vibrational frequencies such as attachments, negative intentions, black magic, curses, hexes, bonds, spells, dense soul contracts, shadows & energetic parasites creates space for flow, momentum, opportunities, to experience freedom, happiness & a higher vibrational way of living. 

Your inner child, parallel life and ancestral (human and galactic lineage) will be healed and restored and you will be liberated on a soul level feeling so much more peace, joy for life having more capacity for your life purpose, love life, Family and Community.

You will feel charge of your reality and world like never before and a sense of belonging with God on a. deeper scale and communion.  


What we can help you with?

-Clearing from Entities, Shadow Parasites, implants, chords etc

-Clearing from curses, spells and soul blockages 

-Restore the Body to its natural healthy equilibrium

-Multi Dimensional Release of Dense Realities

-Healing of the inner child, past lives and ancestral lineage

-Create an Energetic shield of protection 

A Session is for 60 minutes and costs $333

How to book a session?

1. Click on the button, choose a date and time then fill out the question form with details to clearly understand your situation and objectives and then click purchase

2. Once you complete your booking, you will receive an email on how to prepare for the session.

3. All Sessions are held remotely (no attendance) and a full report with aftercare will be sent to you by email afterwards

Email us at for any clarification or click here to chat with us on 

Note that you can book the session timing while you are sleeping in your timezone as the session is held remotely and there will be no attendance required. 

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