Royal Spirit

Abundance Activation

Beginners to Advanced

What will you experience & Benefit?


  • Release Limitations on living prosperous

  • Heal Inner Child on abundance

  • Release Ansestors on Scarcity

  • Dis-create stagnation & scarcity loops

  • Enhance  Self Worth Frequency

  • Ignite Self Empowerment

  • Activate Abundance Frequency

  • Attunement to Wealth Vibration

  • Manifestation Magic

  • The Rich Mindset

You have always been abundant, but believed you are not! 

Any stagnation, limitation or blockage of abundance takes a toll on all other aspects of life whether its family, love life, career, or even personal levels of happiness and joy as abundance is directly connected to all experiences in your life.

Abundance is not something outside you that you earn, gain or attain, even though your external world can indicate your level of abundance. Everything is energy and mindset influences your vibration. 

Abundance is a frequency within your sacred heart that you tune into and the more you refine it , expand it and increase its energetic bandwidth, the more you will experience and receive in your external reality whether its abundance in relationships, jobs or money. 


you are a master creator & abundance is your natural state of being. 

Activate your abundance frequency so you can receive the wealth, the richness, the prosperity in magnitude with ease & learn the tools on manifesting in the abundance bandwidth to enhance your creation experience.


​You will feel stronger, elevated & more powerful in your creation. You will amplify your abundance frequency &

have all the tools to constantly take yourself to the next level. You will know the power of your creator abilities.

The Journey is guided and created with ascendant masters and galactic beings of light.



Royal Spirit consists of

  • Course Manual

  • Certified Healing Course

  • 8 Pre Recorded Videos

  • 7 healing meditations

  • 1 Powerful declaration

  • Access to the Private FB Study group

  • Lifetime Access

  • Completion Certificate

  • Gift Coupon 

  • Immediate Access- Online- No attendance required

The Fee for this Course is $ 188. 


"Yes Yes Yes, this course assisted me in aligning myself to an abundant energy.

I feel so empowered & my creator energy is very real. Thank you

George, 34 - Peru

"I loved the tips that you shared, they are so simple yet make a huge difference. My mindset is completely shifted and i feel so wealthy. Thank you"

Nancy, 26 - Bali

"WOW. A week after this course, i received a bonus at work and i feel life is flowing easier towards me. I am happier and more in charge."

Jacob 28, Greece