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  • Creating a steady flow of income is a constant battle

  • Then when you do harness an opportunity it’s like the money magically vanishes out of your account or you all of a sudden have unexpected expenses crashing down on you

  • Or maybe you can make money but it isn’t consistent and you’re exhausted from all the effort to just stay afloat

Here's the problem

  • We are programmed to think of money as an outside source when abundance is really just a frequency we can tune into on command and money is just a byproduct of this practice
  • A lot of times people don’t realize the hidden beliefs in their subconscious from their past experiences and generational conditioning that hold them back

  • Then there is the constant flip flop of the love/hate and shame relationship from money that block the frequency from consistent flow

  • People are not set up for success with practical tools to regulate their mindset to tune into the abundance frequency everyday

You woke up daily tuned into the wealth mindset of abundance and released the shame, guilt and anger of the struggle to attract that has been imprinted on you since childhood and cultivated an effective way of unifying your energy for a steady flow of money and opportunities knocking at your door.

Hi, I am Nada!

Hello Beloved Soul, I love you with all of my being, my dear family of light.

I am dedicated to my path to fully share with you the creme de la creme of knowledge, wisdom, and awareness for you to elevate, evolve, and have complete harmony in your life while thriving in every area.

You deserve the best, always.

Total Value $1077
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Activate YOUR Abundance

Your life before 

Royal Spirit


  • You live in a constant cycle of depravity

  • You are resentful of the money you want to have

  • You are down in the dumps about your bank account controlling your life experiences

  • You envy those that do better than you and live in a constant daydream searching for more

  • You don’t even know if you are worth of achieving wealth abundance in your life

Your life after

Royal Spirit


  • Abundance and opportunities knock on your door daily 

  • You build a beautiful bonded relationship with money and she treats you right 

  • You don’t have to think twice about spontaneous adventures because your bank account has your back 

  • You start to understand why your prosperous peers can attract on common 

  • You wake up daily standing in your power exuding your magnetic magic

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This course will help you step out of your spiritual closet and into the powerful BE-ing you are meant to be




I'll Take It!


I'm Really Ready!


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Here is EVERYTHING you will learn

Module 1

  • Release Limitations on living prosperous

  • Heal Inner Child on abundance

  • Release Ancestors on Scarcity

  • Dis-create stagnation & scarcity loops

Module 2

  • Enhance Self Worth Frequency

  • Ignite Self Empowerment

  • Activate Abundance Frequency

Module 3

  • Tune into the Wealth Vibration

  • Manifestation Magic

  • The Rich Mindset

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The Wealthy Mindset Teaching
Prosperity Manifestation Meditation
The Instant Abundance Declaration

What's Included in This Course:

- Course Manual 

- 8 Recorded Videos (Value $449)

- 7 Meditations (Value $105)

- 1 Powerful Declaration (Value $99)

PLUS THE BONUS'S (Value $297)


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When you Activate your Abundance, you will experience new wealth in your life


-You will feel stronger, elevated & more powerful in your creation


-You will amplify your abundance frequency


-Have all the tools to constantly take yourself to the next level


-Activate your abundance frequency so you can receive the wealth, the richness, the prosperity in magnitude.