The RWR Module  is a 13-week life changing healing & empowerment journey for Men looking to truly rise in their Masculine essence and embrace the Divine Leader within.

Whats included?

  • Healing of the Father & Mother Wounds

  • Healing Lack/Unfulfillment so you can feel confident & worthy

  • Opening your personal expression of voice & opening your Heart

  • Activating Joy in your life

  • Understanding the importance of being a man of integrity

  • How to lead your Life fully and take charge of your dreams

  • Understanding the Masculine & Feminine

  • And how to bring them into balance

  • How to master a Conscious Relationship  

  • Being the Masculine Pillar your Counterpart needs to feel safe

  • Understanding the Feminine in relationships

  • Sacred Union Practices

  • Activating the Warrior Within

  • Spiritual Warrior Practices (breath-work, qi gong, yoga, exercise, etc)

  • Rise in your Masculine Leadership

  • And Much More.....

If you are ready to take it to the Next level and want to know

more about how this program can sky rocket your

Masculine Embodiment, then book a free "Warrior Up" call and let's chat.


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