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Secrets to Lasting Love - The Commitment Equation

Build Shared Values while living in alignment, free from codependency. Embracing and balancing the dynamics of your roles together collaboratively for you to WIN at LOVE.  


In this NEW Free Webinar you'll:

> Build Shared Values: Create a distinct, growth-oriented perspective of understanding your personal needs and desires, while also identifying ways in which your partner can honor and respect them.

> Balance the Roles : Embrace your inherent femininity and masculinity fully, allowing both to harmoniously coexist in your relationship, to prevent clashes that result from being out of balance within your own elements.

> Collaborative Communication: Master the Art of collaborative communication to have a continuous win-win outcome, regardless what topic is being discussed. 

> Live in Alignment:  Free yourself from codependency and flourish in your relationship as partners, friends, and lovers.

DETAILS: Class will start Tuesday March 26th @11 am EST …
that’s 8 am PST (Replay available)

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This masterclass will guide you in creating an unshakable commitment to growth, unity, understanding, harmony, pleasure and love….the easy way


Meet Christopher and Nada

Hey we’re Christopher & Nada,  your Life Mastery Coaches and Guides for all things spiritual and relationship-focused. 

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We’re the founders of New Earth Masters, an online Ascension Academy. We are healers, coaches, therapists, international speakers and published authors.

We’re also the creators of The Divine Union Academy, helping people have deeper love and soulful intimacy. 

We live in beautiful Bali with our awesome 16-year-old son.
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