SHE is the Cosmic Queen Community through Sensual Holy Evolution with Nada Harb.

This group is specifically for Spiritual Women that want to achieve Queen Living through my unique Quantum approach & Ancient Womb Secrets without loosing their masculine power.

If that's you, this group will be a game-changer for you !!

I will be sharing the teachings & tools  that allowed you to embody your majestic living and thrive in every area of your life through weekly live trainings, free meditations and various valuable womb secrets. 


Covering topics such as... 

  • Conscious Sisterhood 

  • Feminine Healing

  • Masculine Healing 

  • Womb Activations

  • Eros & Sexuality 

  • Sensuality 

  • Feminine Practices

  • Divine Partners & Feminine in Relationships

  • Feminine Business & Abundance 

  • Magnetizing a minimum 20,000$ monthly  

  • Being of Purpose & service to the community

  • Queen Living

  • Becoming SHE


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