Source Light
Meditation- June 30th- 2pm EST

Get Ready to open up your cosmic heart!

In this Meditation you will:

  • Remember your true nature

  • Experience the oneness with the universe

  • Activate your Psychic Abilities 

  • Embrace your Light Essence 

  • Feel Alive, Joyful and Blissful

  • Be grounded in your awakening


You will feel safe, loved and remember your worth and be empowered.


Your true nature is the infinite intelligence of the source of the universe. you are love and you are light. 

With busy lives we tend to forget and drop into a lower consciousness of escapism, separation  fear and despair. This meditation is going to amplify your frequency to your original essence for you to experience your infinite nature once again. 

Register for the Source Light Meditation below and if you can't make it live, the replay will be sent within 24-48 hours.