Terms & Agreements

​NEW EARTH MASTERS and anyone contributing to the content of this site does not claim ownership of any alternative healing modality mentioned unless otherwise stated. Alternative therapies are not intended to replace conventional medicine,  seek the advice of your doctor if in any doubt. Posts on social media are of our own musings and are intuitively what we believe to be true. They are not necessarily fact checked. It is your own choice whether or not to accept these
musings as true. We make no scientific or medical claims about illness and disease. We commit to bring forward all our knowledge and expertise in accommodating and reaching your objectives with you, however we are not promising the attainment of that objective as we are not
in control of the progress, dedication and commitment from the clients end as well as the fact that everybody's spiritual progress varies and results are diverse based on the situation at hand. We cannot confirm and guarantee the outcome of any healing session that is booked with NewEarthMasters.com. If you cannot accept this then do not book with NewEarthMasters.com.


A cancelled appointment delays our work.  In the event of a cancellation,  please give at least 96 hours notice. If you are unable to provide at least 96 hours notice when you cancel or have a delay of over 15 minutes as we will require at least 45 minutes for each session, you will be charged the full fee for your session. Refunds are within a scope of assessment basis and New Earth Masters will review the situation & deduct the necessary admin fee before any agreement to refund. All sessions that have already been facilitated will not be refunded no matter the situation. Mentorships refunds are based on the agreement signed prior to starting. All Online Courses are non refundable and non transferable. If for any reason New Earth Masters suspects a transfer, they have the right to revoke access to the course after discussion with you. You will have lifetime access to all courses for the life of the course. If the course no longer exists in New Earth Masters suite of courses, then it's lifetime has ended. 

New Earth Masters has the right to unenroll you from any online course or program, and release you as a client at any time without any refund if your behavior is destructive, disrespectful, chaotic, or uncoachable in any shape or form without any prior consent. If you do not agree to this, Do not purchase from New Earth Masters.


Payments are always submitted prior to the purchase whether it's a session, course, mentorship, retreat or event. Each session and course has its own payment section after selection on the website. If you have a specific condition and need to pay through bank transfer or installments then please email us at [email protected] or watsapp on +961 78 940 043. We would love to assists and accommodate you if possible. 

NEW EARTH MASTERS  will have confidential information about you. This information will not
be shared with any third party without your explicit consent. Please read the Privacy Policy.


​We hope that you are satisfied with the service you receive from us, however, if you have any
complaints or advice on how we can enhance our  service, please feel free to send them over at any time to [email protected].

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