The Initiation

Mastering Life 

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By reading this, your soul is all knowing that this online spiritual course is for you.

The one that will take you from where you are to where you dream and desire to be.

The one that will initiate you into your 5D self, your awakened mind, your loving heart, your graceful soul.

The one that will liberate you from lack into abundance.

The one that will free you from victimhood into empowerment.

The one that will remind you of the power within, attain your sovereignty, ignite your life force and

activate the magic that always was within you.

Almost everybody is carrying either a mother wound or a father wound and sometimes even both, and these wounds will limit the amount of fulfillment a person experiences which keeps them in loops of chaos, havoc, stress. All Lack stems from the inner child that did not receive unconditional love (almost everybody born before the year 2000 was born in a negative duality as opposed to a positive polarity childhood)

These childhood wounds affect all areas of life like success, family, love, joy, security, abundance, empowerment etc, and by healing these, you alchemize the energy into their highest possible experience for yourself.

Here you will learn why you incarnated into the family that you did as well as the collective consciousness that you inherited. you will also release the parent wound and reconnect with the fulfillment emotion of your inner child as well as activate empowerment and abundance. You will also  release suppression & insecurities and activate your true inner power.


   What will you transform & Benefit?

  • Healing the Parent Wound 

  • Healing family Patterns

  • Release Genetic Karma & Gaia Karma 

  • Healing Family traits (matriarchal and patriarchal)

  • Transforming Inner Child Misery into Glory 

  • Alchemizing Survival into Thriving 

  • Victim consciousness to Empowerment consciousness 

  • Healthy Power, empowerment and I AM 

  • Attaining Sovereignty  

  • New Earth Conscious Living 

  • Adam & Eve Re fabrication 

  • Shifting Suppression to Expression

  • Wounded Feminine to Healthy Feminine

  • Wounded Masculine to Healthy Masculine

  • Sexual Energy abuse & mastery usage

  • Christ/ Magdalene Union

  • Sacral, Heart, Mind connection

  • Earth Realm & Galactic Council

  • Meeting the Spiritual Guides

  • Soul Purification / Dissolving the False Ego

  • Activating the Higher Mind 

  • Integration with Higher Self 

  • New Earth Initiation

In addition to this, we will discuss & harmonize together the wounded feminine aspects within yourself and the wounded masculine brining you to a harmonious inner union able to receive life abundantly and gracefully.

What is in our direct external world reflects our inner status.

Welcome to your mastery. Welcome to your initiation. Welcome to 5D Living.

All the topics that bring you to your mastery will be discussed & healed such as sexual mastery & life on earth in the highest vibration by dissolving the egotistical false illusionary templates of true fulfillment.

We will also reconnect with our spirit guides so we are heavenly guided as we pursue our path in life. 

By completing this online spiritual course, you will have Integrated, released all 3D limited constructs and welcomed,

activated and embraced your 5D self.

The Initiation consists of

  • Course Manual

  • Certified Healing Course

  • 20 Pre Recorded videos

  • 12 healing meditations

  • 4 powerful Declarations

  • Access to the Private FB study group

  • Lifetime Access

  • Completion Certificate

  • Gift coupon

  • Immediate Access- Online- No attendance required

The Fee for this Course is $ 369

are you ready for your initiation?

"The Initiation is on another level. By far the most significant & enjoyable course i ever attended. It changed my life instantly. I have read books, seen psychologists and many healers yet this course is the only thing that made me heal and comprehend 5D living. I highly recommend this to everyone. I feel Initiated on a new spiritual path. I feel strong & empowered. Thank you"

Daisy, 22 - USA


"The results still keep unfolding & surprising me. i went home a week after the workshop and avoiding my parents is something i have always done. this time it was remarkable. i was overwhelmed with how much love i was accepting in my life. for the first time in a long time, i felt safe & that i belonged.  I cant put into words this magical transformation. thank you"

Farah, 44- Lebanon

"The course was the most powerful thing i ever experienced in my life. i never thought thats there are such ways to get to know myself. i cant thank you enough for all that you shared. i feel that I AM IN CHARGE of my world. i never knew this power until i experienced this course. I am forever grateful" 

Feride, 31 - Dubai