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The Oracle

Sacred Feminine Activation

The Oracle is the pathway to the New Earth, the priestess of communion, the queen to the Queendom and

the key to every awakening heart.

Embracing the womb wisdom blossoms a woman’s inner gifts, innate wisdom, majestic influence and rebirths her internal Magdalena.


A woman of strength, resilience, vision, fulfillment, life purpose & community creator.

A priestess of grace, humility, oneness, compassion, nourishment & love.

A Queen of sensuality, magnetism, sovereignty, majesty and divinity.

The Oracle is a game changer, a life influence and an empowered woman.

By clearing the womb we release all energies that are of external nature that can affect our daily life creating more space to embrace the true infinite energy of the womb, and by activating the womb, we reconnect to all our psychic abilities available on earth as well as the universe. By healing the womb, the cervix and the vaginal canal you activate the sensations in your body welcoming pleasure as your natural state.

The womb & feminine suppression has been on the planet for 100's of years and by activating the womb, you are taking your power back, for yourself and shedding light on those that walked before you.

What happens ? the Womb Temple Activates giving you the platform to be the Queen frequency that you are to activate your queendom. Magnetism increases which is the woman's ability to create life with her vibration, relationship qualities enhance and over all life.

Many Feminine practices will be shared in this course so you can ignite and amplify your experience as a woman wherever you are whether its for yourself, your family, your relationship, your work flow and signature in life.

We offer two levels:

The Oracle is for Self Practice as well as Facilitating Mini Feminine Circles & Private Sessions if you are a practitioner.

The Oracle Teachers is for facilitating feminine workshops and teaching The Oracle.

What will be experienced ?


  • New Earth Priestess

  • Queen Living

  • Releasing wounded feminine traits of competition and comparison

  • Womb Clearing (including Ancestral)

  • Womb Activation

  • Magnetism Initiation

  • Awakening Ancestors Gifts

  • Loving the Body

  • Womb Temple Arising

  • Vocal Power

  • Womb Song

  • Womb Manifestation

  • Yoni Connection

  • Yoni Craft

  • Yoni Steam

  • Yoni Eggs

  • Yoni De-Armorning

  • Breast Massages

  • Feminine rituals

  • Feminine Circles

  • Feminine Alters

  • Menstruation Power

  • Reclaiming the Cervix 

  • Feminine Sovereignty Declaration

  • Womb Breathe

  • Womb Dance

  • Womb, heart connection

  • Womb Universal Portal

  • Divine Relationship , role of the Priestess

  • Sexual Energy & Pleasure

  • Types of Orgasms

  • Life Pleasure

This online spiritual course will awaken the sacred feminine within harnessing your power.


Liberating you into the New Earth Priestess, awakening you to the sensual Queen, arising you into

the Oracle where you are free & empowered, creating your life effortlessly & abundantly.

You will receive Pre -recorded Course of all the content above, a manual, recorded meditations, activations & declarations. 

You will also be invited to a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, share experiences & connect with like minded souls.

At the completion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Contact us for further information, support or requirements. 

The Investment in your growth is $222

READY TO embrace your goddess self ?