twin flame love

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What will you experience in this FREE Global meditation?


  • Activate Divine Love

  • Feel more empowered

  • Feel liberated

  • Release anxiety & stress

  • Increase abundance

  • Enhanced knowing of life purpose

  • Radiating love

  • Anchored in wisdom

  • Open up new opportunities

  • Activate third eye

  • Elevate vibration

  • Increase Awareness

  • Increase Abundance

  • Activate muti-dimentionality

  • Inner Peace

  • Love & Joy for Life

  • & Much More

Your twin flame is your ultimate unconditional love union on earth. Activating this frequency within you will call forward your divine mirror

and enhance the quality of your love life & relationship health overall.

In this super powerful meditation, we will going on a journey to release any hidden blocks from living as and with your twin flame on a multi dimensional level as well as activating the true love vibration; creating more freedom, harmony and joy in your earthly experiences.


By upgrading your frequency you are creating new opportunities for you beyond the collective consciousness sof humanity as a sovreign alchemist of mastery, 



twin flame love

Global meditation details

date: 12 February, 2021

Time: 9 PM dubai 

Location: Zoom

(a link will be sent to you by email at registration)

Duration: 1 hour

(replay will be emailed afterwards)

ready for your love vibration?

Testimonials of

New Earth Masters Meditations

"Yes Yes Yes, this course assisted me in aligning myself to an abundant energy.

I feel so empowered & my creator energy is very real. Thank you

George, 34 - Peru

"I loved the tips that you shared, they are so simple yet make a huge difference. My mindset is completely shifted and i feel so wealthy. Thank you"

Nancy, 26 - Bali

"WOW.i feel chraged up and ready for lifeMy dreams are ahead of me and im going to create them. My time to rise has come. Thank you again and again"

Kate, 24- USA


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