Twin Flame Clearing

How you will benefit?
- Liberate your Twin Flame union
- More harmony in your love life
- space for Twin Flame Union to thrive
- More compatibility & closeness
- Clarity on your divine mission together
- Feel Safe, Supported & nurtured
- Have clarity, focus & direction
- Feminine & Masculine Energy in a Balance
- Liberation & Freedom
Joy, enthusiasm & Creativity
- Open expression 
- Clearer Channel with The Divine 
- Love, Compassion & Grace
- Happier & more  alive
- Deeper Connection to your soul

Session fee is 333$

Twin flames have a divine union to embrace in this lifetime and it can get challenging due to many past/ parallel lives when things didnt go as harmonious and there is karma to be restored or darkness to integrate into light. You have known your beloved twin since the beginning of time and the reason why it can be challenging to meet your twin or if you have met your twin to be in synchronized flow is because of the design of the matrix where energies of unconditional love will be of target to create dissonance. the old spiritual paradigm is where twin flames are constantly doing inner work to achieve bliss and end up splitting due to the intensity of the nature of the relationship, however in the new spiritual paradigm, love union sovereignty is the way to upgrade your twin union into one of harmony and communion with source. 
Things we will look at and heal are the initial essence of the twin flame union and restore the balance while harmonizing the main parallel lives where darkness resides as well as contracts on a galactic scale that will limit your love experience on Earth in addition to your own pains of love alongside your partners. 
The Twin Flame healing is a journey of unfolding many aspects and bringing them into healing light and we recommend a package of 5 sessions to cover all aspects of the healing required for the union to thrive. If you are ready for a deeper journey of 1 month healing then book a Free Fnergy Call with us to discuss your situation and place a customized healing journey for you. 
If you only require a one session deep healing of all that is mentioned above and more then book the session right away. 
Your union will also be gridded and shielding with Source Codes of love and infused with harmony & grace.
How to book a session?
1. Click on the button, fill out the form & Purchase the session (1 hour)
2. Send us your photo with your eyes showing on
3. Sessions are held remotely on the booked time & a report will be emailed to you afterwards 
4. we may also send you additional support to boost your transformation
Note that you can book the session timing while you are sleeping in your timezone as the session is held remotely 
Email us at for any clarification or watsapp on +971-55-6164465

Ready to embrace a high vibrational twin flame union?