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Why Women Take Control and Men Avoid  Conversations 

How to Navigate These Behaviors for Improved Communication and Stronger Relationships  


In this NEW Free Webinar you'll:

> Reveal Deep Seated Wounds: Understanding Why Women Often Take Charge, Hesitate to Trust their Partner's Leadership, and Ways to Positively Transform the Dynamics.

> Solve the Missing Link: Exploring Why Men Sidestep Emotional Discussions and Their Tendency to Overlook Women's Perspectives with Strategies for Effecting Positive Change

> Improved Communication: Understand the different ways men and women interpret words, enabling effective communication and consistently finding common ground that is harmonious. 

> Master the Practice of Surrender and Flow to Cultivate a Deeper Connection, Mutual Respect, Active Listening, and a Sense of Value in Your Relationship 

> Get Ready for a change: You will leave feeling confident and reassured with new tools to enrich your love life creating a deeper bond with your partner 

DETAILS: Class will start Tuesday March 5th @ 11 am EST …
that’s 8 am PST (Replay available)

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This masterclass will guide you towards navigating behaviors of  separation, frustration and pain in your union towards one of harmony, reassurance, confidence and deepened connection.


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